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Before the Flop - When do You Raise?

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In this article
  • How to play very strong hands
  • How to play marginal hands
  • How to play other groups of hands

In the article about the pre-flop game basics you've already learned the basic principles of pre-flop play. Since these principles are very dynamic and dependent on many factors, it is relatively difficult (if not impossible) to display them in a chart.

For this reason, this article will deal with examples in which you hold a playable hand and no aggression was shown before you (there were either limps or folds). You will see here why you raise, what you can expect from your opponents and how you should react after another opponent's action.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (7)

#1 Koshburger, 16 Jan 10 09:53


#2 TheKovaren, 26 Feb 10 21:10

A very constructive and helpful article. Thanks a lot

#3 Tim64, 15 Sep 10 13:14


#4 Tr3LoS, 28 Jul 11 11:24

Really nice article. Helped a lot, thanks.

#5 PokerKing1080, 24 Oct 11 16:44

Its great to see all the thoughts behind every single decision and situation + using elephant, etc. I don't know if I would be able to think as well as this playing 4 tables.

I think I would have to start playing 1 table. Then when I'm satisfied I played well, open a second table, etc.

Thanks a lot

#6 moneymakerzzz, 12 Feb 14 09:44

Who ever wrote this article, thank you! =)

#7 toske1, 13 Mar 15 18:50