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How do you play weak draws?


In this article
  • Implied Odds can vary greatly from situation to situation
  • How to play weak draws in multiway situations
  • How to play weak draws in heads-up situations

Even if you missed the flop with your hole cards, you will often find yourself in a situation in which you still have some chances of making a winning hand. Sometimes you hold a gutshot, a backdoor flush draw or any other weak draw and face a decision how to proceed with these draws.

On low limits it's certainly no mistake to follow a weak style with these draws and wait for stronger hands to stack your opponents.

This article is intended to show you how you can play your weak draws even on smaller stakes with a very positive expected value. You will face opponents you can play real poker with and make use of your edge postflop with weak draws aswell.

You will see that this piece of content is all about playing weak draws yourself, not about how weak draws might influence your play while holding a made hand.


That's not the entire article...

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