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How to Play Strong Draws

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In this article
  • The basics when playing a drawing hand
  • Shifts in equity and semi-bluffs
  • Differences between being in and out of position

This article will teach you the best way to play strong draws. A strong draw is defined as a hand with more than 8 outs (for a strong hand) and no showdown value.

We will look at playing with strong draws from a mathematical standpoint. This isn't always easy; you will almost never be getting the right pot odds to call with a draw. The implied odds, however, are usually much higher than the pot odds you would need to call.

The fact that you can vary the size of your wager also allows semi-bluffing to be very effective. You can often generate enough fold equity to make semi-bluffs a very profitable part of your game.

The next section will give you a systematic walk-through in playing with strong draws and provide examples of how to play in concrete situations.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (12)

#1 Avatars91, 21 Mar 12 09:12

An excellent article

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555 ok

#7 bubamarasr, 25 Jan 16 03:33

Read it. Thank you!

#8 hassux, 25 Jan 16 21:04

ok 2belet

#9 msnek, 27 Feb 16 20:40

When to fold: "you have a strong draw but are still often dominated. This can be the case when you are not drawing for the nut flush or when your hole cards are on the bottom end of an OESD."

Even when implied odds are good ? If we are not drawing to the nut flush there is obv always some chance villain is drawing to better one ... So how is this part of thw article meant exactly ?

#10 martti321, 14 Jul 16 09:32


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#12 Marcipaans, 22 Oct 17 13:51