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Squeeze play


In this article
  • Loose open raisers are ideal candidates for squeeze play
  • A great situation: BB vs. BU + SB
  • Reads are important!

This article deals with another move that should be part of every high-limit poker player's arsenal: the squeeze.

What is a squeeze play?

A squeeze play is a pre-flop bluff in the form of a big re-raise and happens after one player raises and at least one other player calls the raise. Ideally, the initial raiser will surrender his hand because he is stuck between two or more opponents and doesn't know how the players behind him will act. The second player and all the players after him often don't have a hand strong enough to call a raise followed by a subsequent re-raise.

This article illustrates the factors that determine the success or failure of a squeeze play and how to react if your continuation bet gets called.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (2)

#1 SilverSag, 02 Aug 11 08:23

Very good and well written article! Thank you!

#2 Maniatrix, 06 Sep 11 18:41

Putting QQ in the same cateogry as 88 and AK in the same category as AA?