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7 Tips on How to Become a Successful FL Player

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In this article

  • Discuss your hands in our hand discussion forums
  • Learn how to play poker through live coaching sessions and poker videos
  • Use the entire educational offer at PokerStrategy.com

Discuss your handsThis article will make it easier for you to dive into the complex educational offer at PokerStrategy.com. Now that you have studied the Basic articles, you are faced with a wide variety of options. Apart from the Basic articles there are also columns, quizzes, coaching sessions, videos, hand evaluation forums and strategy discussion forums. This article will show you the best way to climb this mountain.

Post your first hand in the hand discussion forums!

In every session there are a few hands that leave you wondering if you really played them correctly. Post hands in the hand discussion forums and find out what others think about your play. Find out here how you can use this free service. During a hand discussion, other experienced members explain to you whether or not your play was good, illustrate alternatives and give you important tips on how to improve your game.

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Participate in strategy discussions

Apart from hand evaluations, the forum offers you another possibility to improve your game. Through strategy discussions with other members you will become familiar with the different approaches and receive tips to optimise your poker strategy.

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Direct dialogue with coaches in live coaching sessions

Look over the shoulders of our live coaches to see how they tackle tough decisions and have them answer your questions about the game right away - our live coaching sessions make it possible. For every game type and every status you will find new and diverse topics in our live coaching sessions week after week.

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Learn through poker videos

Poker videos are a popular way of learning because they combine image and speech. PokerStrategy.com offers you a wide variety of videos. Find a selection of videos relevant for you at the following link:

Go to the FL beginner videos


5 articles that you need to read

Strategy articles teach you the theoretical background of poker strategy and are a comfortable way to learn poker even without a computer. You can print out articles and therefore improve your poker game just about anywhere. Make sure that you read the following articles:


Test your knowledge in our quiz

Quizzes are an ideal way to put your knowledge to the test in a practice run. Out of a selection of possible answers you will be asked to select the correct one. Once you're done you will see the evaluation of your answers. It's an excellent way to hone your skills.

An overview of all quizzes can be found here


Use all the offers at PokerStrategy.com.

This article has shown you a few simple steps that will help you take the decisive step forward in your poker career. Use all the offers that you find at PokerStrategy.com. They work, have proven successful tens of thousands of times and will certainly also help you become a successful poker player.


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