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StrategyFixed Limit

Equity Boot Camp


In this article
  • How ranges affect your equity
  • How ranges and board textures influence each other
  • Mnemonics to help you with equity calculations
  • Comprehensive practice section in further parts

In Fixed Limit, you will very often find yourself in a situation where you passively defended your big blind with Ax or a pocket pair and then miss the flop or see three over-cards.

You cannot always play A-high c/f when you didn't hit a pair or only hit a draw (find more about this in the Platinum article "Heads-up on the Flop OOP: C/C Flop without Initiative - With Showdown Value"). Due to the many possible flops and the different ranges depending on opponent, position as well as your own hand, it is pretty much impossible to illustrate every conceivable situation.

This article will therefore focus only on the most difficult situations - playing pocket pairs and A-high with showdown value. Remember the following prerequisites for a flop call with showdown intention:

  • 37% equity against a normal opening range
  • 38-39% against smart turn betters
  • 28%-29% after a 3-bet preflop

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (4)

#1 Pouserly2, 12 Aug 11 10:30

ok yes

#2 pokerbob38, 25 Aug 11 17:02

What a great article, TY to who ever put it together.

#3 datsmahname, 02 Oct 11 22:23

A3 is defined as a hand in our postflop range even when we're encouraged to fold it preflop when faced with a raise from say... MP2/3. Kinda strange right?

#4 kavboj84, 07 Aug 12 00:32

Not that much as the EQ calculation against the 3bet ranges. The author completely forgets that these are most likely 3 way boards , as an open raiser will never fold to a 3bet in fixed limit, and the range of the original raiser changes your EQ a lot,it almost drops to the half. You can examine the A3 at least theoretically, but if you miss that there is a third player in the pot well thats even theoretically incorrect.