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Mathematics: Odds & Outs for Advanced Players


In this article
  • The checklist for evaluating draws
  • How to correctly discount outs
  • The value of backdoor draws

One of the most important tools of an aspiring poker professional is the concept of odds and outs, as you have already learned in Bronze section. This article is designed to deepen your understanding of the nuances behind various types of draws and will teach you how to precisely apply this concept to your game.

You will learn the role that backdoor draws play and the number of outs you can give yourself. You will learn to discount outs and properly evaluate and play various draws, such as gutshot draws, two pair draws, top pair draws, and combinations of these draws.

This article will give you a more comprehensive understanding of odds and outs and teach you to accurately determine the number of outs you can depend on. This will ultimately help you in virtually any game situation and lead to more profitable decisions at the table.


Overview to odds and outs for advanced players


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (5)

#1 Berkstajger, 24 Nov 09 18:43

No comments yet? Now, that's strange. I think this is one of the best (most useful) articles in silver section especially because of helping in revealing positions that on the first glimpse look like a fold, but hold quite a nice EV and vice versa. Compliments to the author. :)

#2 corsc, 01 Jan 10 08:48

I agree wholeheartly with the OP. A great article that I hope I can fully digest to add what I'm quite sure an invaluable weapon to my arsenal.

#3 DaveX77, 31 May 10 15:20

Very helpful article, thank you very much :-)

#4 SickAtHome, 27 Jul 10 04:09

I really do like this article and the overcards article. Hopefully this will fix my poker when I have a session tomorrow =]

I also really like how articles have a PDF link with all the graphs in it at the end =)

thanks PS!

#5 TheOldNerd, 01 Feb 11 17:05

Amazing article! One of the best i've read so far. It hits on the spot exactly on the moments i'm more insecure at the game (and often when i lose more money).
Now i need a lot of exercises to learn it by heart.

Thanks Pokerstrategy!