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Standard Lines: Raise Turn for Free Showdown

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In this article
  • You must bet able to make better hands fold
  • Calling down could be better
  • A 3-bet is the worst countermeasure you can encounter

Raise for a free showdown, or free-showdown-raise (free-SD-raise), is a term used to describe a raise made on the turn with the intent of checking behind on the river for a free showdown (unless, of course, your hand gets better). This line is only effective when you have a hand with showdown value that can win when you check behind on the river.

This isn't the same concept that you find behind the semi-bluff, where you raise on the turn hoping to make your opponent fold, but still have outs to hit if he doesn't. You don't need showdown value to semi-bluff, and can often bluff again on the river when you don't improve. A free-SD-raise hand has 6 outs at the most (2 overcards), meaning you shouldn't make this move with a strong draw (OESD or better). You can, however, try to combine the two when you have a strong draw and showdown value.

The concept behind the free-SD-raise is solely valid for the turn. A raise on the flop with a check behind on the turn is not a free-SD-raise, but simply a free-card-raise or cheap-SD-raise, depending on what your intentions were.

You should try to make your free-SD-raises in position and against a single opponent. Don't try this move oop against several opponents. If you have an opponent behind you, you want to see him fold, so that you will be in position on the next street and take a free showdown.

Be sure not to confuse giving up a bluff by checking on the river with a free-SD-raise.


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