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MTT Strategy Overview

Our strategy at a glance

The Learning Paths

Which of our articles should you read to best improve your game? The Learning Paths help you to find the articles you need to learn successfully. The Beginners Learning Path is aimed at all newcomers and demonstrates our Beginners strategy.

MTT Beginners Learning Path


Post in the hand evaluation forums!

In every session there'll be some hands which you can't be sure you've played correctly. Post hands in the hand evaluation forum and gather opinions on your game. You can find out how to use this free service here or here. Hand evaluations are carried out by professional evaluators and let you know if you've played well or not, show you alternative plays and provide you with important tips to improve your game.

Tournaments: hand evaluations up to $11  
Tournaments: hand evaluations > $11


Take part in strategy discussions

In addition to the hand evaluations there's another way to improve your game in the forums. In strategy discussions you'll learn about different approaches through strategy discussions with other members and you'll get tips on how to optimise your poker strategy.

Tournaments: beginners discussion


Direct dialogue with coaches in live coaching sessions

Our live coaches peer over your shoulder when you're faced with difficult decisions and give you direct answers to your own questions on the game: that's what our live coaching sessions are all about. Here's the overview:

MTT Silver with grummeler & seeberger


Our library

Strategy articles provide you with the theoretical background of poker strategy and offer you a comfortable opportunity to learn poker away from your computer.  You can print out articles and improve your poker game overall. Articles teach you general topics; columns and quizzes get you ready for special situations. Read the following articles.

•  Tournaments - articles
•  Tournaments - columns & quizzes


Learn with poker videos

Poker videos are a popular learning format simply because they combine images and sound. PokerStrategy.com offers an extensive collection of videos. You can find the section relevant to you under the following link:

Go to the MTT Videos


Use all the offers at PokerStrategy.com

This article has shown you some simple steps you can take to significantly improve your poker career. Use all the options available at PokerStrategy.com. They work, they've been tried and proved thousands of times and they'll help you to become a successful poker player.


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