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Deals in MTTs


In this article
  • The different type of deal methods
  • Deal or no deal?
  • Which deal goes with which stack?

Instead of playing out the tournament, the remaining players of an MTT final table are able to agree upon dividing the money amongst themselves. The option for a deal appears as soon as the final table has been reached, but mostly it's only used when only two to three players are left.

The fact that the blinds and antes are relatively high compared to the average chip stack at the end of a tournament, makes a deal rather attractive. This article discusses the pros and cons of deal makings in MTTs.


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Comments (4)

#1 PriscoInline, 31 Mar 15 12:38

This helped a lot. I never understood the benefits and downsides of deals, now I do.

#2 Nhoxalone, 18 Feb 16 15:55

cảm ơn

#3 molderz, 17 Oct 16 05:21

It is a nice explanation.. but i have question, does every room have posibility for deals? Doest deals comes in freerolls aswell?

I ask because, once we made a deal, only by words and one guy scammed us in I-poker, it was high $$$ freeroll in betsafe with 500 or 1000$ pricepool, 3 people pay out and we were 4. There was no "deal" button or option, so we agreed that first place and second place sends 50 & 25 $ to fourth place which ever that wil be, ofcourse it didnt happen :/ (from first place)

#4 sirilidion, 15 Sep 17 15:58

unfortunate that there is nothing about negociating a better deal. If everybody wants to deal there is always a good chance you can get a better deal out of it then just accepting the standard methodes :).