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How to play a freeroll


In this Article
  • What are freerolls
  • Increase your bankroll without risk

Freerolls are tournaments that are free to enter. That's the good news. The bad news is that you usually can't win much money. They are still worth playing, however.

  • Freerolls help you lay the foundation for your bankroll. Many players have already illustrated that it is possible to move up in the game without having to spend a single penny.
  • Freerolls are a free opportunity to gain experience. It is very hard to gain the necessary experience of playing at the final table, simply because you very rarely get to see it. How often do you enter a tournament and how often do you see the final table in the end? Freerolls give you a cost free chance to train playing a final table.
  • Freerolls are fun. You're not risking a loss and a large variety of people enter these tournaments, some of whom are worth getting to know.

The fact that this type of tournament is free to enter also means it has a number of special features, you might even say peculiarities. This article explains what these peculiarities are and what strategy to use when entering a freeroll.

What are your opponents like?

Although there are players who take every type of poker very seriously, freerolls tend to predominantly attract the following two types of people:

  • The type of person that hasn't got a clue about poker.
  • The type of person that couldn't care less about the tournament.

The players either don't know what they're doing or just want to have a laugh. And once you've played a table full of these types of players, you'll know what this means: A good game of poker is another thing entirely. 

  • Your bets and raises are not respected.
  • It's hard to guess what cards your opponents are holding.
  • Complex moves are generally "too complex" and useless.

A freeroll sometimes comes across as a kind of private poker event. Someone always blows a fuse somewhere along the line and throws all their chips into the pot without being able to say why.

Playing poker with a big hammer

If you aim to win a freeroll, then your opponents dictate the strategy you need to use: you have to play with a big hammer - rough and simple.

  • Only play good starting hands.
  • Make big raises and bet large. Bigger than in a normal game.
  • If you've got a good hand, then go on the attack.
  • If you have nothing, leave it. Don't bluff.

That's it basically. Wait for the good cards and then you're on your way. A detailed look reveals there are three distinct stages: 

  • The early stage: The chip stacks are pretty high compared to the blinds. You have more than 25 big blinds worth of chips.
  • The late stage: The blinds have gone up considerably. Your chip stack amounts to less than 25 big blinds.
  • The final table: This is the decisive stage. You've reached the last table.

How do you play the early stage?

In the early stage of a freeroll you will not be able to thin the field of players by making a normal raise. And even with two aces you don't like the situation when four opponents see the flop with you. Therefore if you have a strong starting hand you should go all-in before the flop.

Before the Flop

Go all-in from any position if you're holding AA, KK, QQ or AK, even if someone has raised before you.

If you're sitting in middle or late position you should also go all-in with JJ or AQ, as long as no one has raised before you.

If you're holding smaller pairs from two sixes upwards in middle or late position you should raise from four (or more) big blinds, as long as there hasn't been a raise up till then.

In late position you can afford to see the flop even if you have speculative cards, as long as there hasn't been a raise. That means you are limping (only calling the big blind) with: two fives, fours, threes, twos, a suited ace and the so-called middle to high suited connectors. These are two sequential cards of the same suit, such as a seven and six or a queen and jack.

After the Flop

The central question after the flop is: Do you have anything? If not, then the round is over for you.
If you have two pairs or better, then you go all-in.

If you're holding a flush draw or open-ended straight draw (OESD), you should only go all-in if a number of opponents have already continued to put chips in the pot.

If you're holding a top pair, i.e. a pair made up of one of your starting cards and the highest community card, then you only go all-in if you have a maximum of two opponents. Proceed very carefully if you're playing against more than two opponents.

How do you play the late stage?

The late stage begins when you only have about 20-25 big blinds left in chips. The strategy you have to follow in this case is: raise or fold. So you either raise or fold preflop. And as soon as an opponent after or before you raises you should go all-in or fold, depending on the cards you have, of course. Just pressing the call button with the intention of looking at a flop or limping is strictly prohibited from now on.

Take a close look at the players with low chip stacks. You'll need decent cards to play against them, because they're just waiting for the opportunity to throw all their chips in.

Be sure not to challenge aggressive players who have more chips than you do. You'll need to have a strong hand to play them.

Before the Flop

Raise in any position if you're holding AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT or AK to about four big blinds. If anyone raises that, go all-in.

Also raise in middle or late position if you're holding a pair of nines. This also goes for KQ, AJ and AQ. If someone raises after you, you should go all-in if you're holding any of these hands, except the KQ and AJ - if you hold those two hands you should fold to the raise. 

After the Flop

At this stage the round is decided on the flop at the latest. This is simply because the pot is so big, that you won't be able to back out once you've decided to continue playing.

If you've raised preflop and only have one opponent, then bet about half or two-thirds of the pot with any hand. If you are raised, then go all-in with any top pair or better, or a flush draw. This also goes for when you haven't hit anything, but your two starting cards are higher than any community card (overcards).

How do you play the final table?

Basically, the strategy used for the late stage is also used for the final table, except for a few small differences. You should pay even more attention to the positions and use those fortunate moments, when all players before you fold and you're the first who is able to raise.

Have respect for opponents who raise in early position. More often than not they really are holding something good.

If someone in early position raises, go all-in with AA, KK, QQ, JJ and AK.

If someone in middle position has raised, then also go all-in with a pair of tens, nines or AQ.

If nobody has raised so far and you are in early or middle position, then go all-in with any pair from nine upwards as well as with AK, AQ and AJ.

If you're in late position, you should also go all-in with two sevens, two eights and KQ, if no one has raised before you.

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Comments (108)

#1 eteris, 27 Aug 09 06:23

would be nice some freeroll videos.

#2 shanshichi, 29 Aug 09 23:26

nice article

#3 ChaseTh3Ace, 31 Aug 09 13:38

Good stuff, i never would of thourght about just pushing my stack with my strong hands

#4 Pardel, 04 Sep 09 06:16

Very nice and good article!

#5 MrGoodHurt, 18 Sep 09 10:05

there is no printable version of this?

#6 MrGoodHurt, 18 Sep 09 10:08

if I have J, J in early position, do I need to fold?

#7 gambit44s, 18 Oct 09 16:01

i would certainly push with jj in middle or late position, in early position i would make a good raise of 4-5 bb

#8 bkkconnexxion, 25 Oct 09 02:45

Sickest hand ever on Bodog 500$ freeroll I have AA's flop 79A all the money gets in he has KKs turn K river K have you ever seen anything so sick?

#9 gedwashere91, 03 Nov 09 11:28

Lol, straight after I read this article I went on to qualify for Aussie Millions Special through a freeroll, coming 6th out of 1400ish people. This strategy works; wait for solid hands, play them hard, and you're bound to get callers. Late stages are a little more nuanced, with bluffs, steals etc. (especially on the bubble) but you'll work that out when you get there.

#10 catalinp2004, 06 Nov 09 00:21

this sounds like alot of gambling...

#11 broodlapin, 17 Nov 09 06:59

i've got to 1247th to 121th whit all the good tactic in this site thank

#12 incubus22, 18 Nov 09 13:22

yeahh..this is gud for newbie

#13 mALLINwa, 05 Dec 09 23:15

early position fold J J because
-too much people after u
-people who call your raise or reraise will have a better hand.
-out of position;you will have to talk early on the flop
-If you raise and get called the chance for higher cards than a J is too big to wasted money on J J early position.

#14 Clareman, 16 Dec 09 21:41

got only JJ in early stage from MP2 went all in and everybody folded. Then one good pot with QQ and finally went all in with QQ in late stage as I only had 5 BB left. KK behind me. Tough luck.

I had one KQs on the big blind but that was all I got.

What should you do if you don't get anything? You have to make a decission at one stage?

#15 pokertadas, 03 Jan 10 06:48

i was 179 of ~3000...good result, i wanted to know if where is any system for freerolls...gues why I was 179? cos that only hand i didnt listen to strategy :)

#16 Koshburger, 29 Jan 10 09:24


#17 ProCactus, 31 Jan 10 03:24

I find in freerolls, That if you make any bet in the first 15 mins, Someone will raise or go all in. Very rearly will it go though just checked or called, Someone will ALWAYS raise you. I find sometimes it helps (a bit) to just play only AA KK AK for the first 2 or 3 blinds, If your luckey enough to get them. When it reaches level 6 or more it turns into a bit more realistic game.

#18 stubbornd0nkey, 02 Feb 10 17:50

@post #8

JJ vs Ax(cant remember)


ahhhh that hurts

#19 Kammu, 03 Feb 10 11:23

thats sicko stubbo :D

#20 shlomowms, 15 Feb 10 13:04

heartbreaking moments..

#21 dantedb, 23 Feb 10 19:45

will try today to apply this strategy, although I play similar

#22 BennyG2007, 28 Feb 10 14:31


I had KK in a ft freeroll



One push all in and it folds to me, I snap call.

he had 78hearts. 6 hearts on board.



River 5(h)


After that nearly no chips just 2 BB left went all in and got out. I'll never forget that hand! lol

#23 winwindin, 06 Mar 10 17:42

the sickest bad beat that happened to was i hade


guy hade


flop comes

759 then q q

so sick

#24 sunshinee, 31 Mar 10 10:26

In a early stage what will i do with AJ ??

#25 Rap1d007, 31 Mar 10 11:26

freerols are funny fishing :D

#26 thewheel51, 09 Apr 10 11:27

freerolls very good. just won 52$ for coming 4th. not bad eh! I LIKE poker!

#27 Saite, 31 May 10 10:25

Lets try make this article in some freeroll. :)

#28 pasqua544, 07 Jun 10 05:27

I have freerolled to the bubble then sputter out, whether it's a bad beat, mis-click or something else... frustrating to get so far then burn out. The latest was Q-J -5 off and I ALL-IN'ed my 2 pair against 2-2 which catches his 2 to finish me 131st out 4,000.

#29 1raindog1, 18 Jul 10 12:29

Is it really necessary to push my stack right away on those very strong hands preflop early in the tournament? It would appear to be too risky. I just went out with AKo vs QQ. Sure, stuff like that can happen all the time (who never saw his AA bust has never played Poker ;) ) and thats is exactly WHY I think this is too risky. 4-5 BB, hell, since it's early, make that 10. If he pushes into me I can still reconsider my hand (and drop that AK, keep AA and KK), if he has junk he will fold either way.

#30 kobibasson, 22 Jul 10 13:57

Good article :)
So what are the odds to finish in the money using this strategy?

#31 bigbadandrad, 27 Jul 10 12:51

seriously they want you to open-shove AA and KK in EP in the early stages? sounds like alot of value left on the table to me

#32 RampaGe1892, 02 Aug 10 14:47

you must keep this stratergy in mind but you must play the players too. watch for betting patterns and changes there of ect. . .

#33 ionutzr, 04 Aug 10 16:40

This strategy is good but its not perfect. What if u don't get any good cards? I've played like 8 FreeRolls in the last 3 days and I only had a QQ once, no higher pairs. Not to forget that I've always lost with AK AQ or AJ against small pairs from 10 10 to 4 4. The fish always calls my raise or all-in with everything that looks a little interesting to him. And that hurts! Its a matter of luck...

#34 smiffydee, 06 Aug 10 16:31

i've played alot of freerolls and it seems much more of a gamble of luck then anything else. a few people have already said about getting called down by minimal hands, this happens endlessly. i just have to remind myself everyone playing is trying to strike it lucky. its free, no one has anything to lose so just enjoy while it lasts....unless you hit that lucky break.

#35 radex13, 04 Oct 10 16:53

I would try this strategy...think it´s god one

#36 dodydi, 05 Oct 10 17:46

Good article.

#37 arvidsv23, 31 Oct 10 19:10

Thanks a lot. This strategy worked at first freeroll. I got 178th place of 25000. ^.^

#38 IceRidder, 10 Nov 10 11:06

the strategy is good and you cannot play otherwise as in early stages someone will always raise all in. go and play a lot of freerolls (10-20 a day), you will lose 90% of them but its good experience and you still have the 10% percent in which you reach the money.

#39 LAcijus, 11 Nov 10 22:50

Ma most incredible bad beat in freeroll was:
KQ against A 4
Q K x, I all in, fish called

#40 ScL512, 14 Nov 10 22:51

Strategy is excellent... Usually, I play less agressive but now I see point of black/white: raise/fold, without calling... I'm now playing, and for now, 69th place of 85 remaiing players (1452 entrants)... It's also good that doesn't much people know strategy, heh.

#41 imagexo, 17 Nov 10 01:55

Exciting :)

#42 PokerPirate1, 22 Nov 10 16:08

I once made a neat little bankroll playing freerolls (that I later quickly busted - BTW a good lesson: by playing freerolls, the only thing you learn is to play them and them only ;) ) an I have to agree that pushing good hands early and playing super aggressive when you hit anything reasonable really works.

But I have got one question, does it make sense to hold off to always nearly timeout in large freerolls? (I used to do it, read it somewhere) You see a lot of people bust out in early rounds, (sometimes like 10/s..) therefore you should increase your money equity without playing so many hands and paying blinds+ante as the guys at other tables, thats my point. But I´ve also heard an opposite opinion, that by playing faster, you get to see more cards and therefore theoretically get more chips by using your skill edge (which is actually huge against ordinary freeroll players) What do you here think about it?

#43 CambodiaP, 04 Dec 10 10:46

Even playing with a good strategy the freerolls are one of the few poker games where luck may actually be a crucial factor simply because the play is so bad.

#44 Polarbeard, 07 Dec 10 20:05

At the beginning of a freeroll, it happens alot that more than half the registered players are sitting AFK. If I am not active (playing tight as suggested in the first rounds), I see the remaining players feast off the blinds of the AFK players. If I get active with semi decent hands, I get knocked out 90% of the time by a donk getting lucky.

Ho and for #8 and other bad beats... Yesterday, FTP:

Hole: QQ
Flop: Q7A
all in
turn: 7
River: 7

Vilain had 67o

#45 j1gsaw, 10 Dec 10 16:42

i love freerolls but i hate the donks that crack my aces with 59 like this

hole AA

flop 696
he shoves i call fr all my chips
river is 9

#46 blueswimmer, 21 Dec 10 18:47

what should you do at the later stages if your stack is low relative the blinds. eg when you have 3-4 BB left. Should you at this stage start to loosen the hand range you go all in with.

#47 blueswimmer, 21 Dec 10 19:16

I am currently 38 remaining out of 648. I am opening up a bit when i have 1.5 2 blinds left and going all in with low pairs and suited connectors or A suited. Then tighten up again.

#48 blueswimmer, 21 Dec 10 19:31

Well 23rd out of 648 is a good result I think.

Went out going all in with AKo to A4o as they hit a 4 on the flop and a then a 4 on the river. Gutted but that's poker.

#49 blueswimmer, 21 Dec 10 20:50

unbelievable, I was just called on my all in with AKo by an 83o. I hit a K he hits a 3 on the flop and another 3 comes on the flop.

i had larger stack so still in just. He has since gone by reraising a 5BB raise from early pos when he had 56s in late. Early raiser had KK and much larger stack. Goodbye fish / calling station.

#50 Ryuhayabusazeven, 22 Jan 11 09:45

Could there come a startinghandchart as same as the low stack with the stages?
Thank you, Ryu

#51 Ryuhayabusazeven, 22 Jan 11 10:12

A good strategy but it does not explain how to steal. When you limped from button and all players check to you, the turn is not an influance card so lets say rainbow flop 5 8 10 and turn is a 4. Then i think you should bet the pot if your stack is still big stack and see what your opponents do. Watch out: if the player reraises you and you have not a good hand, u must fold.

#52 Ryuhayabusazeven, 22 Jan 11 12:58

This strategy works perfectly for me (with some pot stealing included). I went from 1500 to 3000, then to 980 and now im on 11560 with 434 from 7500 ppl left. It works give it a try!

#53 OnedOutAK, 07 Feb 11 05:00

Most Sickest Bad Beat In A Freeroll I Got..Was
AA....against kq
guy hit nothing on the flop...and turned and rivered KK On Me....damn..

#54 ackronik, 21 Feb 11 21:42

my sickest bad beat in a full tilt freeroll heads up final table me chip leader my hand AA i raise pre get reraised i call flop A 4 10 rainbow i bet pot reraised all in i call player has 10 10 turn 10 river 8 took wind right out of my sails i came 2nd for $25

#55 fortyozswilla, 22 Mar 11 07:27

this is bad advice

#56 donkeyrider, 19 Apr 11 14:47

there is always an element of gambling in freerolls the worst are unlimited adons freeze outs are the closest you'll get to a half decent game.
you will always need a bit of luck to cash in.

#57 kiwicuzzhard, 10 May 11 04:55

giving it a go lets see

#58 VicVegas, 20 May 11 13:27

this is very bad advice, you play freerolls like you would play a buy in. This will teach you bad poker habits.

#59 KennyPhan777, 24 May 11 16:57


#60 Elroch, 05 Jun 11 17:26

Don't entirely agree. The best strategy depends on how opponents behave.

#61 Rivergiver, 23 Jul 11 22:32

well explained ;)

#62 bew84, 06 Aug 11 17:12

thanks a lot.. ^^

#63 bew84, 06 Aug 11 22:15

but today freeroll yeah,
1st table,i go all in with AK the guy call me with J3 ,of course straight on the flop i lost ..

Again at the same site,i go all in with KK the guy called me with J2,exactly the same straight on the flop so i lost ...

it's sick !!

#64 astroivan, 12 Aug 11 04:24

With this strategy, I finished twice around 700 place out 10000+ on PartyPoker
and 25 out 1000 on Poker770(could have been 1 but bad connection).

#65 boomboxflood, 16 Sep 11 14:20

It's good sound advice for beginner freerolls. There'll always be bad beats, it happens... It's called variance. True test is how you handle them. It's not going to teach you bad habits. You gotta be adaptable if you want to turn a profit. Will teach you how to play a freeroll... As the article intends.

#66 TLegend19, 28 Nov 11 05:15

Everyone is listing bad beats, well if you want a sick hand

My QQ vs AA vs 22 vs 9 10 suited spades

Flop was Q spade, 2 and Jack of spade...9 10 hits his straight flush draw, 2's hit a set, i hit top set, Ace's the over pair

9 10 ofc all ins, I call, AA calls, 22 calls

turn is the 2 (of course right) and the river is the King of Spade (even sicker).

AA gets beat by 3 worse hands, my top set gets turned by quads, and the river busts quads with a straight flush....That is a bad beat situation for A's Q's and 2's not just 1v1.

If you want a 1v1 bad beat...I put a bad beat on Pocket Aces with 5 6 suited diamonds.

Flop was Ace 7 diamond 8 diamond...we both all in (i couldn't resist the straight flush draw) turn is Q of diamonds ( BINGO ) river is a random useless card, just sick how sometimes the worst hand can win, sometimes, you get lucky his small raise allowed me to call from my big blind (he only raised 3times the bb and i felt like taking a chance)

#67 chef229, 25 Dec 11 03:44

just finished playing carbon poker Six Cent Re-buy and I finished 27th to cash .Again I followed their advice. So far its been a great help

#68 poker880888, 27 Jan 12 17:43

"If you have nothing, leave it. Don't bluff."

"If you've raised preflop and only have one opponent, then bet about half or two-thirds of the pot with any hand."

So which one is it?

#69 pinel33, 16 Feb 12 11:28

Both. But second one is called continuation bet and it works in a way that you deceive your opponent thinking that you have strong hand when you have nothing. It's a good strategy because overall percentage of winning is about 2/3 times but there must be no more than 2 opponents and it's only efficient at late stage of freerolls.

#70 Liiiva, 21 Feb 12 14:21

You dont't play freerolls like you would play buy in because it needs different strategy. Just don't take the results serious.. And the advice is really good - going all in pre-flop with premiums starting hands you will win often than your opponent, because you have higher chance of winning.

#71 Edimieras, 01 Mar 12 12:48

Freerolls are good way to earn some money.. Tho, freerols tend to attract some weird strategy players, as far as I have seen.

#72 legaldrugdealer, 03 Mar 12 21:55

Man, I'm playing these freerolls by the book so to speak, and I'm just bleeding chips. I fold some of the hands that they say "aren't strong enough", and had I gone in I would've doubled up or more.

#73 Richyrich66, 06 Mar 12 18:44


#74 jomull57, 04 Jun 12 19:44

thank you for the tips hopefully my game will start to improve.

#75 Pete2099, 30 Jul 12 21:54

Great advice, thanks.

#76 Seul1990, 13 Sep 12 17:46

good stuff :)

#77 richard2780, 16 Oct 12 17:48

amazing, follwed these steps and im currently 1st, 9000 entrants, only 13 left.

Come on

#78 richard2780, 16 Oct 12 18:27

ended finishing in 5th position, won $80, sweet.... Thanks guys

#79 badbones141, 08 Nov 12 16:30

awesome article with really sound advice but remember nothing is a sure thing... good luck

#80 IbrahimAmmar, 25 Nov 12 04:58

Amazing Article Alot of good advices to play free for all love it PokerStrategy Awsome !

#81 IbrahimAmmar, 25 Nov 12 08:12

Just Finish 5th in a free for all tournament using these advices Won 0.55 Cents At Poker 770 ,Which i gain exprience playing it,Lost My QQ's Against AJ Suited.

#82 Touareg22, 09 Dec 12 16:23

I have always played freerolls very tight and aggressive but I have never won any of them, I have made several final table appearances in my 3 year career because luck plays a big role.

#83 PokerJP, 16 Dec 12 10:24

let's try this strategy from now on this december, when i decided to play only freerolls and see how much money can i get, since i had for like 250$ bad beats in cash game, and almost busted all my money...

#84 mindbreaking, 01 Jan 13 04:31

If i'd have a change to leave a comment over here about my hand histories...The it could explain it all...It's wrong to go all-in with KA in early stages...No matter what position are you in to.
Because some donk will call with J7 and rivers 7 or an J and the mary way you go. But it still can improve your game, and your tactics. Great guide for a beginner.

#85 navthunder3, 29 Jan 13 16:31


#86 Elwell89, 30 Jan 13 19:45

Best hand, QJ spades

Flop 10s, ks, As at my local club,

i was raised then reraised (position didnt matter) then 3 all in callers


#87 ross1shark, 30 May 13 02:53

All of this sounds well and good. Anyone who is at least a decent player and routinely makes money at live tables who plays freerolls with any frequency, though, knows all too well that your AA, KK, and QQ gets DESTROYED by bizarre flops all the time. Regularly. It's not even remotely the same as a live table. I won't mention the site, but I often count about 7 of 10 hands pitting a full house against a flush: one-suit flops with a doubled board. This just DOES NOT happen that often live. When you play these, be prepared to be horribly frustrated very often.

#88 DrazaFFT, 04 Jun 13 20:00

Good article.

#89 mrtonydji, 14 Jun 13 10:59

I find this very helpfull and will try.....hope for some good finishing position...wish me lusk :)

#90 mrmaginnis, 16 Jun 13 15:41

i went from stack of 35k down 2 66! chips! 20 mins into $500 starting stack tourney on kk and qq, with slice of luck and some calculated risks using similar strategy turned back into 250k made final table x2 to 500k against 2 1 million stacks all in j7 off vs q8 went out obvs but still made 70 doll hairs, staregys work but only if applied in context of external factors! upgarde ya status on 888 and u get access to around 10 plus freerolls a day defo worth giving a go for practice and cheaper too was down 50 dollhairs now up 100 thanks to coming 3rd and 10th from 1/2 dollar tourneys. position discipline watch ya opponents specially when they go showdown and note their play style. glglg

#91 Navrark, 25 Jul 13 19:24

As a Cash Game player I find freerolls pretty damn useless to me. But with such a simple strategy it may be worth giving one a go.

#92 SonOfSonOfSpock, 24 Oct 13 19:23

This might help me. I 80% of the time I get to the prizes but never win much because I don't have enough stack.
Maybe I should play more aggressive and without afraid.

#93 Crimson007, 24 Dec 13 11:02

great article THANKS!

#94 pasqua544, 13 Jan 14 20:44

Introduced to online poker, I freerolled alot on PS and FT... it has only be recently that I have burst the bubble and begun cashing in. Essentially, the same stragedy except I began opening up more, utilzing position, selected aggression, and chip acculumation. So building on the basics is essentially but it begins with that discipline AA play, regardless of the disappointing suckouts. Then perhaps the tables will turn and you will be dishing out suckout stories.

#95 NextChamp, 24 Aug 14 22:43

pretty good (y)

#96 Dedees89, 20 Oct 14 01:35

Its easy push your self with somtin its only freeroll

#97 CAALLIN1000, 04 Nov 14 14:10

FreeRolls in some of the poker rooms offered by pokerstrategy are my only way to get real money i hope all the online poker casinos give us a chance to play freerolls at least to pokerstrategy memebers

#98 BenBlakeIsTilting, 20 Nov 14 04:07


#99 Honda70, 28 Nov 14 13:38


#100 eddymurphy, 11 Jan 15 04:34

yeah freeroll is very different game compare to tournament with big buy in...all ppl in freeroll just want to get fast chip...hard to predict what hands they got

#101 omega21, 28 Jan 15 18:34

Freerolls are definately great opportunity to raise your bankroll, nice info btw!

#102 fazyboy88, 18 Mar 15 16:10

Have a video ?

#103 kl0d91, 14 Oct 15 23:07

This strategy is really working! Thx for the info! :D

#104 JackieHoo, 02 Jan 16 10:55

If you're holding smaller pairs from two sixes upwards in middle or late position you should raise from four (or more) big blinds, as long as there hasn't been a raise up till then.

In late position you can afford to see the flop even if you have speculative cards, as long as there hasn't been a raise. That means you are limping (only calling the big blind) with: two fives, fours, threes, twos, a suited ace and the so-called middle to high suited connectors. These are two sequential cards of the same suit, such as a seven and six or a queen and jack.
I am confused by this one ,when you hold 22-55 ,which way is better for playing ? Limp or raise to 4bb or 3bb ,or it doesn't matter

#105 Nhoxalone, 18 Feb 16 15:52

thanks you

#106 Prusina, 19 Mar 17 12:30

For begining it is a good strategy , but from my experience when I get to top50 or so in my local bookie , almost all the players are really good ! I was like in 5 freerols in last 2 days and finished 250 , 102 , 6 , 20 , 348 of 500-700 people depends on the time of the tournament and there were 2 or 3 guys always in top20 , so really good players...

#107 laszlo780127, 20 Nov 17 13:38

a ketdet a legnehezeb egy jo stratégiát kell felépiteni hogy jobb helyen végezhessünk

#108 sirlax27, 14 May 18 22:41

Controversial....but will give it a go