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River Play - Basic Concepts


This article explains:
  • How to play hands of different strength on the river
  • Bluffing vs Value betting or checking

The river in Pot Limit Omaha is very different from the other streets. First of all, you know all the board cards, and the only question is how much you want to pay with which hand to go to the showdown, or if you are bluffing, how much to invest to not see the showdown.

Generally, there are five questions that you should ask yourself at the river:

  • 1. How do I get to showdown as cheaply as possible with my marginal hand?
  • 2. What to do with my semi-strong hand?
  • 3. What to do if a scare card comes?
  • 4. How do I extract maximum value with my strong hand?
  • 5. When can I bluff on the river?

Aside from this, you should also determine the playing style of your opponent:

  • 1. How tight or loose is my opponent?
  • 2. Can a bluff be played profitably against him?
  • 3. What specific reads (betting patterns,...) do I have on my opponent?
  • 4. Does my opponent play straight forward or tricky?
  • 5. What does my opponent think of me?
These informations should give you a relatively clear indication how to play on the river. The following scenarios will give you an overview of possible board configurations and what lines to take against which opponents.


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