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Turn Play - Basic Concepts


This article explains
  • Second barrels
  • Non-nut made hands with draws
  • Weak made hands without draws
  • Strong made hands

The turn play in Pot Limit Omaha is significantly less dynamic than flop play. On the flop, you play only strong made hands and draws, choosing optimal lines to commit yourself by the turn. If you bet a nut draw and hit it on the turn, then you should always bet strongly in order to extract value from weaker made hands - mostly lower straights or flushes - and to protect your hand against redraws.

In most cases, you already plan a hand on the flop, which means that situations where you have to re-evaluate on the turn, as in Hold'em, are relatively rare. Weak made hands with which you made a continuation bet on the flop should often be played for pot control when scare cards hit, and bet in case a blank falls. On the flop in Pot Limit Omaha, you will almost only be called by weak draws which have to fold to a second barrel. Of course, a weak straight draw with top pair on the flop can become top two pair on the turn, and maybe raise the second barrel. However this happens relatively rarely, hence making second barrels on given boards very profitable.

The following pages will often refer directly to the Flop play article, so you should start by reading it.


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