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About Tilting


In this Article
  • Symtoms of being "On Tilt"
  • Reason and Treatment

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (5)

#1 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 14:28

cheers for that info i've been on tilt alot of times be4

#2 RedAirkson, 11 Oct 08 08:16

aside from those you've mentioned, I consider the following behaviors as early-warning lights going off in my head:

1. Constantly checking my stacks across tables and my running bankroll size: When I am too often asking myself if "my stacks are STILL healthy" and "how much have I lost this session," I make an effort to be more wary. The next thought in this chain would usually be something like: "How much more do I need to win to get back to even...?"

2. Focusing on a player - not because he's weak, but because "he has some of my chips": When I get donked to death and rebuy, I often have to fight the urge to "get my money back" (because it will naturally find its way back, right?). When that villain leaves the table, it's usually a blessing in disguise...

3. When I stop taking notes, or when my notes have more impassioned opinions than fact (i.e. when "3xBB PFR MP, CBET rags OOP, check-fold turn" becomes "this guy is a maniac! isolate him!")

4. Opening an additional table, and entertaining thoughts that justify it ("just to get my bonus cleared faster" or "i'm getting bored, this will help me play tighter") when the real reason is "maybe if I open more tables, I increase my chances of one of them doubling up and making up for the losses in the other ones"

5. When I have my usual number of tables open, but I am still timing out on my turns too often: Sure sign that my mental faculties are hindered.

6. When I start thinking to myself: "What else could I be doing right now? What's on TV, I wonder...": This is not always tilt-related, but it often is a sign that I should take a break and maybe hit the playstation for a couple hours - if only because my mind is already looking for reasons to stop.

#3 Rakijan, 23 Feb 09 15:47

Article is very helpfull, tnx! RedAirkson what is MP, CBET and OOP?

#4 Rakijan, 23 Feb 09 17:12

Found in the Glossary, tnx anyway!

#5 neomarin, 11 Mar 09 13:26

do u also here the anoying sounds alog with the track ?