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The Mental Side


In this article
  • Which mental mistakes can get in the way of your poker career
  • How much success is depending on a comfortable environment
  • Why you should never make any decision under the influence of emotions

“We’re shutting it down! Everybody go home, we’re shutting it down!”

When I worked for my family business, my dad was famous for losing his cool over setbacks, big and small, which would lead him to storm through our warehouse, waving his arms and yelling the aforementioned order at the top of his lungs. Production would come to a screeching halt and there were big financial ramifications, all over a temper tantrum.

Based on that experience, I made it a goal in life to never make a bad decision in poker, golf or life because of anger or frustration.

You’d be surprised how much success at the poker table has to do with creating a comfortable environment in which to make decisions.

For the third installment of my three-part series, “Where Poker Businesses Go Wrong,” I’m going to focus today on the mental side of the game. My belief is that inefficiency is what typically derails what would otherwise have been long-lasting poker careers.

Here are the mental mistakes that I most often see derailing otherwise promising poker careers:


That's not the entire article...

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#1 JohnTheGreatest, 06 Mar 17 20:34

Thanks, this was good one.