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Twitter for Beginners

Twitter for Beginners – Introduction

In this article:

  • How the Twitter principle works
  • How you find followers on Twitter
  • How you connect Twitter to your blog

Have you twittered today? You haven't? Not today nor ever before? Then this is your ultimate guide to the concise art of twittering!

Twitter is a platform that might make it even easier than Facebook or MySpace to make new online friends and to exchange ideas with other people. It delivers interesting information and the very latest news directly to your screen or mobile phone.

On top of that, Twitter is an effective tool to promote your blog and find new readers. It is quick and it is simple. And together with good content, Twitter is a good opportunity to become active as a TAF referrer, even if your blog or your website don't appear in any search engine.

How does the Twitter principle work?

Twitter is a news service on the internet, which has a lot of things in common with other tools that you are probably already using on a daily basis. The special thing about Twitter: The messages that you can send or receive on Twitter only consist of 140 characters. This is called micro-blogging. Good things come in small packages!

Similar to blog entries, the posts on Twitter are public, which allows you to meet new people there right away. The posts on Twitter are called "Tweets" by the more experienced users. These tweets are published online in real-time. This often makes Twitter more up-to-date than other news services. With Twitter, you always stay inforrmed about the latest news.

You don't necessarily need a computer to read or send messages on Twitter. You can also use your mobile phone or other websites for this. This is how Twitter seamlessly blends into your daily routine.
Twitter provides its users with many tools and programmes that allow you to receive and send updates from countless programmes and devices.

The sum of all these individual pieces create a communication platform, which is ideal to use for your private or your work life - and of course you can also make new friends there if you make clever use of it.

What are you doing right now?

This is the core question on Twitter and a number of users consider it serious business to answer it. They tell others where they currently are and what they are currently doing.

Of course this results in an infinite number of unimportant brief posts. But it is these posts about the small and unimportant things in life that bring family members, colleagues and online friends closer together, irrespective of any geographical distance.

Twitter is much about personal relationships. The most successful users with the most followers are those that aim to build friendships and actively discuss with other members.

Finally twitter along - Register on Twitter

Here is how you can dive into the magical world of micro-blogging: First of all, go to page: http://twitter.com/ This will open the English Twitter homepage. There you will see a button with the question: "New to Twitter?" above it. Click on "Sign Up".

Click the button and complete the registration form. What's important when you choose your username: Try to keep the name as short as possible, since this is extremely important for a successful life and time on Twitter. You most likely have the ambition to get other users to forward your posts to other users. And for such cases, your name should only take up as few characters as necessary of your valuable 140 characters.

As soon as you have created your user account, you can modify your profile. You should make sure to upload a picture of yourself, or a picture, logo, symbol that characterises you in some way. If you use the usual default symbol, more experienced users will usually consider you a greenhorn or a spammer. Individuality is fun and this is also true on Twitter.

You can also use an interesting image for the background of your public Twitter profile. A unique design will always catch people's attention and spark curiosity about you and your activities in the community. Twitter offers some pre-defined designs, but you can also find a whole lot of free designs on the internet. Simply search for "Twitter background" on Google.

You should use a design that fits your topic. How about a serious or a funny poker face? What you should definitely avoid when you design your background is flamboyant colours and unnecessary blinking. Every user is thankful or a design that's friendly to the eye.

Finding followers at Twitter

What does that even mean: "Following"? Regular Twitter posts are public by default, similar to blog posts. However, you can also subscribe to new posts by other Twitter users (i.e. follow them). Every time this Twitter user posts something new, you will be notified.

Of course, it works the same way vice versa: If someone has subscribed to your updates, he will be notified as soon as you put something new on the net through Twitter. Contrary to many other social networks, following on Twitter is not designed to be symmetrical. This means two users don't necessarily have to follow each other in order to receive the other one's posts per subscription.

This asymmetry makes networking on Twitter all the more exciting, because it increases the chances that you will quickly find new and exciting people on Twitter.

Many Twitter users want to gather as many followers as possible around them. But does quantity also mean quality on this network? Keep in mind that just like in real life it is better to have a handful of friends than 100 people who you actually don't have any connection with. It is much more effective and sensible to find followers who are really interested in you and your topic. This is by far better than to be tracked down by 98 spam bots.

Therefore, Twitter has set up a few rules. You can follow a maximum of 1,000 other users a day. In general, you can follow a maximum of 2,000 users. This limit is only lifted when you have at least 2,000 users following you. You should not think about using add-ons that will automatically get you a huge number of followers, since Twitter considers this a spam attempt and will possibly disable your profile.

Apart from many other tools, Twitter also boasts an internal search function, which you find at: http://search.twitter.com. Here you can enter any search terms that you are interested in.

For example, you can enter the word poker. The list of results will help you to quickly find people who are just as fascinated with this game as you are. Pick the most interesting people and subscribe to their posts. If you follow these users and on top of that write something about poker yourself, chances are that these people will also follow you.

The most effective way to attract followers is to participate on Twitter. For example, you can check what others write and reply to their posts by directing your text to the corresponding @-address. This reply will certainly get noticed, since it will be displayed on the replies page of Twitter.

Another good method is to initiate a discussion. Ask an in-depth question about the topic of poker. Seeing your question, every person who is also interested in poker will know that you are not a beginner either. Since Twitter users are usually friendly people and like to share their knowledge, you will quickly get replies and find new contacts in the Twitter universe!

Also answer other people's questions. Approach people you don't know in a friendly manner and with a hint of polite and respectful distance. Answering questions and the friendly sharing of information will be extremely beneficial when it comes to establishing a good reputation on Twitter and therefore finding a great number of followers.

Many users share interesting posts with others and in that way good replies can suddenly spread to a huge number of people. The most successful Twitter users always focus on the content of their posts. "Good content is king!" also applies to Twitter.

Out of sight - out of mind: That's exactly the reason why you should tweet on a regular basis. Find a healthy degree for your number of updates - of course it is just as bad to scare your followers away with an excessive amount of posts.

If you provide your followers with added value by sharing information with them, you will soon be happy to realise that you are becoming better-known. Just enjoy tweeting and other people will automatically feel comfortable around you and like following you.

How do you connect Twitter to your blog or your website?

Twitter has come to be the leading source of visitors for many websites. That's why every user who has a blog or a website should want to integrate Twitter there.

Twitter provides its own widget that lets you display your tweets along with the corresponding link in your blog or on your website: http://twitter.com/widgets With this tool you can very easily integrate Twitter into your own web space.

Of course you can post the link to your page directly on Twitter. It is extremely important to actually embed this link in a wider context for your readers - an appealing and informative way of linking to your page is like a magnet in the Twitter community. The post should explain the link and spark curiosity about the website behind it.

If your blog or your website has an RSS feed, you can also use the free service at http://twitterfeed.com/ You can sign up for free and add your RSS feeds - they will then be automatically checked for new posts, which get published on your Twitter profile. How often you want this process to happen is specified by you.

Post your personal messages!

People often like to take a peek into the lives of others. Building relationships in the Twitter universe becomes easier if you leave your front door open every now and then, so that your followers can get an insight into your every day life. Of course you should choose funny, exciting or interestng episodes for these updates.

Of course you can create as many Twitter accounts as you like. Maybe it makes sense for you to have an extra account exclusively dedicated to the topic of poker. Users who focus on one specific topic increase their market value on Twitter.

You can also create a private account for your friends and family members. You can set this Twitter account to "non-public" by activating the option "Protect my Tweets" in the settings. That way only a selected circle of people will be able to see and read your posts.

Twitter is also very popular with celebrities. You can find a number of high-ranking poker players there. If you follow them, you will learn a few things about their private lives, but also get some tips and tricks which will help you improve your own poker game.

Userful Twitter tools

There is a wide range of tools that will make your stay at Twitter even more pleasant.

We have already mentioned the page http://twitterfeed.com/ With the help of this site, you can automatically have RSS feeds, e.g. your latest blog entries, posted on your Twitter profile.

The free software Tweetdeck offers an interface that conveniently lets you organise your posts and the users you are following.

If you have installed WordPress on your own web space to keep your blog, you can also use the Twitter Tools widget to post new messages directly on Twitter. The advantage of this widget is that it also works vice versa: You can also have your tweets displayed in your blog.

Since each tweet is limited to 140 characters, you should not post links directly, but always have them shortened first. The most frequently used provider for this is http://bit.ly/. Go to the website, enter your link and click the "Shorten" button. You will get a very short URL which will re-direct visitors to the actual web address.

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