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What PokerStrategy.com Stands For

Our goals

As a poker school and a poker community, we at PokerStrategy.com see ourselves as part of the poker scene. As a company, we work with our members to achieve three goals:

Goal 1 - Popularise poker: We would like to make poker more widely known and increase its popularity all over the world. At the same time, this will promote the long-term growth of online poker, ensuring that our successful members and other top players will still be able to profit from their abilities in the future.

Goal 2 - Offer the best poker education: We would like to make it easier for interested beginners to develop an understanding of poker and always strive to provide the best poker education to ambitious and aspiring players in order to support their careers in the best possible way.

Goal 3 - Become the best poker community: We would like to offer our members a platform where they can discuss poker, get in touch with other like-minded people, find answers to all of their questions as well as assistance with all kinds of problems.

In all three areas, the focus is always on our members - our community. With your help we want to popularise poker, steadily improve our poker education and make our community even more interesting for you.

Our core offers

Free poker money: Every new member at PokerStrategy.com receives free poker money at at least one of our partner poker rooms: Ambitious players can therefore start their poker careers without taking any risk while casual players get the opportunity to have a first try at poker.

Comprehensive poker education: In the past years, PokerStrategy.com has set a benchmark in many areas related to poker education. With our coaches, video producers and authors, we accompany ambitious players through every step of their career and give casual players the confidence and skill required to join the tables.

Tell-a-Friend programme: If you get your friends to sign up as new members at PokerStrategy.com, you can earn up to $500 for every friend you refer to us. Learn how this works in our Invite Friends section.

Community: PokerStrategy.com is one of the largest online communities in the poker scene. From the 18 year old high school graduate, the 40 year old family doctor to the 78 old retiree - a great variety of people come together in our community.

Through our forum and our community module you have the opportunity to get in touch with other members, network with players from your area and benefit from the collective knowledge of over 3.5 million PokerStrategists to help you with your poker career.

What we stand for

To ensure a fair, transparent and expanding poker market, where ambitious players can pursue their careers and casual players always find a pleasant atmosphere, we have fully committed ourselves to the following principles:

Fairness for all players: We are convinced that every player in online poker should be treated equally - irrespective of how well informed he is. This means that every player at a specific poker provider should be offered the same financial incentives, no matter when and through which website he signed up.

Of course, competition is still important - however, it should not take place within a given poker provider, but between the different poker providers. This competitive pressure is positive and ensures ideal conditions for the players.

Long-term development of poker: Especially in a booming industry such as online poker, the actors quickly become less cautious and only consider short-term goals. Some don't make urgently required investments, others thoughtlessly publish yet another VIP promotion to offer their users even higher percentages.

In the interest of our members and of all poker players, we are in direct contact with the poker rooms and provide feedback and assistance, for example with their policies regarding poker promotions. This strengthens a development that ensures that online poker will remain attractive for all player groups in the future. We want online poker to be lucrative for all participants, both companies and players, not just today but also five or ten years from now.

No disadvantages for our members: Everyone who signs up through PokerStrategy.com should not only be entitled to use our services for free but should moreover not be subject to any kind of direct or indirect disadvantages at the various poker rooms just because they signed up through us. It is our goal to guarantee that our members won't experience any drawbacks - even where the aspect of complete fairness for all players has not been implemented yet.

We actively strive to make online poker fit for the future. However, we do not do this on the expense of our members nor by cutting funds for our bonus offers, promotions or rake races so that other providers can overtake.

Comments (11)

#1 bonaney, 15 Jul 10 04:06

My online poker playing is looked upon with bemused curiosity at best and abject horror at worst by most of my friends. Never mind what my wife thinks!

Even my poker playing associates consider online play much too time consuming and anti-social. Hence I have found no one to take advantage of your 'friends' promotion.

#2 pogodon, 08 Aug 10 20:29

i have one quetion were do you get the money to give all free 50 and rakeback an all ( not complaining juts curious)

#3 mattbaillon, 30 Sep 10 18:17

well, i would imagine that when you sign up via PS they get a slice of your rake and pay it that way.

#4 mungavin, 12 Dec 10 07:12

they left out some things.
1.Making money
2.Taking the money and playing EPT

#5 Ribbo, 13 Dec 10 18:41

pogodon, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link that says "business model" :)

#6 ShawnlovesShawn, 24 Jul 14 06:42

I like this site better than facebook. I was on facbook for a while and being a people person would sooner interact with people in person. Too many drama queens on facebook for my liking. With pokerstrategy I can interact with those who share my interest in all things poker!

#7 KKNgroup, 31 Jul 14 08:52

I am already here for 4 years, I think. And PS has fulfilled all my expectations as a room for Poker, so there are no need to look for other site.

#8 Dedees89, 20 Oct 14 01:22


#9 MrPink578, 21 Nov 15 12:14

This is a pretty great site.

#10 Robinsko, 09 Aug 16 18:37


#11 fuuduu, 14 Dec 16 22:06

When i joined a long time ago i recived 50 dollars by answering quizes (Y) Pokerstrategy is a good website. A good site to jump in poker world.