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Overcards in 3-Bet Pots (2) - General Observations


In the first part you learned a bit about your equity with overcards in 3-bet pots. In the next part you can investigate a few plays.

However, you still need to consider a lot of general observations first. You've already seen that situations like this are everything other than normal. That's why all the factors need to be considered carefully, in order to analyse the problem as precisely as possible and be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of possible plays.

Necessary observations

Although we could delve a lot deeper into the material, we've started by ticking off the basic conditions in part one i.e. hand strength, opponents and board. Here, we'll deal with other things:

  • Balancing
  • Semi-bluff
  • Additional outs
  • (Good) turn cards
  • Your position
  • Multiway pots
  • Playing against calling stations

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (2)

#1 Salivanth, 25 Jun 11 10:09

Wow, incredible comparison with the queens there. Definitely opened my eyes about how much extra equity overcards give to draws.

#2 Elroch, 26 Jun 11 16:10

To make the value of overcards even more starkly clear, on a 7s6s4d flop against the same opponent range as the later examples in this article, AsKs has 60% equity with a flush draw and no straight draw, while 3s2s has only 46% equity despite the additional gutshot straight draw.