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StrategySit & Go

SNGs: successive or sets?


In this article
  • Choosing which type of SnG to play
  • Why you should play SnGs as sets
  • Why you should play successive SnGs

First of all a short explanation of the situation. Lets say you are playing 6 SNGs at the same time. Now there are two possible solutions for how to handle this situation.

  1. You open 6 SNGs, then start playing them and you wait until you've finished all of them. Now you open six new SNGs. This is called a set.
  2. The other option is that you start with six SNGs but as soon as one SNG ends you directly start a new one so that you have always six SNGs open. This is called "playing successive SNGs".

That's not the entire article...

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Comments (11)

#1 overbe, 27 Sep 08 10:05

Have just started to play successive SNGs on Party instead of sets, as new software's feature really helpls doing it. Talking about table sorting feature. It can sort windows by blind level. So i always playing 5 sngs, as two windows with biggest blind levels are in the bottom of my screen and their size is bigger than other 3, which are on the top of the screen. So i can easily concentrate on two bigger windows. Another reason in doing that, that i'm playing from my 15,4'' screen laptop..

#2 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 15:06


#3 xxbchxx, 21 Oct 08 20:38

If you like playing sets try the new Matrix tours on FTP

#4 MeltingFlowers, 08 May 09 15:00

in my opinion sets > successive if you like to be creative.

#5 Sinnology, 02 Jan 10 18:32

I find sets to be better way for me.

#6 Koshburger, 10 Feb 10 02:28


#10 stevegold87, 04 Dec 10 17:12

I like to keep track of my results therefore I think sets is better. Also as they said, a break is important for me each set.

#11 SPADES1, 03 Feb 11 23:19

I reckon there's sth good in both the way of playing. One should be able to play S&Gs in sets but without focusing on the single set, taking into account the gobal picture and not the 6-8-10 S&G.

#12 MarianDragos, 23 Feb 11 13:56

Guys why not to play 50$ double or nothing or 102$ and playing 1 toruney so u can focus that having 6 tables open?

#13 Skraggy, 23 Jan 12 10:38

Double or nothings(DoNs) are covered in a seperate silver article found here :

#14 toske1, 13 Mar 15 18:29