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StrategyNo Limit Midstack

How Player Notes Improve Your Reads


In this article
  • How to collect information
  • How to change it into notes
  • How to use notes

Notes are an important tool for making the correct decision - the higher you move up in the limits, the more important they become, so it is advisable to concern yourself with this topic early on. As soon as you have developed a good and understandable system for your notes, you will profit a lot from your collected information.

In this article you will learn how to recognize important information, what you have to pay attention to when it comes to your opponents and how your notes can have an influence on your game.

The first part of this article deals with the topic of how to collect information most efficiently and what information is of importance. The second part will introduce you to a simple system with which you will be able to recreate all the important information about the course of a hand in a quick and straightforward way.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (10)

#1 fun101rockets, 02 Nov 08 01:39

i also like using notes to identify multitablers

#2 mouse89, 03 Nov 08 20:57


#3 geoka1, 04 Feb 09 22:03

it is ok, but do you have time to make notes whan you are playing 4 or more tables

#4 crat79, 26 Feb 09 12:37

I do not understand two things:

1. Where to make this notes? On paper? In poker room software? In PT?

2. System gives you possibility to write down hand for one player. There are at leat 2 at showdown, sometimes more. Do you need to write down hands for all of them? How can you manage this?

#5 Janusrichmond, 06 Dec 09 17:28

you usually don´t get interesting information from more then one player in each hand, even when there are more then one player in the showdown. remember that what is most important is when somebody make some fancy move you didn´t expect.
And to anwer geoka1, taking notes on 4 tables wouldn´t be hard. I play 9 tables and taking som short notes without big problems. just takes some practise..

#6 darkrum18, 06 Jun 10 16:09

well there are many programs that will do all this for you when your multitabling. but a lot of the good ones cost money and are hard to get.

I think this style of note taking is useful, especially when your playing a big tournament.

but this isnt really useful information to anyone whos short stacking, because your not playing your oponents your playing your cards in SSS. lol

#7 diutza, 24 Aug 10 13:03

even SSS strategy can be improved with some notes, for exemple someone raised before you from early position and you got TT or JJ, if he is a tight player and plays QQ, KK, AA from early position, you will know that you have to fold and avoid losing your stack

#8 Harnas31, 22 Jul 11 12:55

o = over/open
What does it mean?

#9 surfwell1818, 04 Nov 11 09:59

Yeah, a poker article with no Maths...

#10 kam2112, 05 Jan 13 15:39

an overpair is a SMH or a MSMH?