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AK and QQ Preflop at the Low Limits (4) - Examples


AK and QQ preflop at the Low Limits (4) - Examples

by MiiWiin

In the fourth and last part of this series you will find a number of practical examples. By now you need to have internalised the basics, you know the possible scenarios, plays as well as your equity and also pay attention to your opponents.

Basically, there is not much left that could go wrong now.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (4)

#1 Mopenza, 02 Nov 10 19:31

great artickles so far!

#2 valancius, 09 Mar 11 12:43

I would like to ask: how to determine opponent's 3bet range? HEM shows only 3bet% (frequency) and from stats(1)-basic i realized that 3bet% != 3bet range.

#3 Rhymenoceros, 15 Jul 11 17:51

#2 +1

#4 kenpo189, 17 Apr 13 04:23

Taking notes. If you see that your opponent 3bets you should keep an eye on that table and make a note if he goes to showdown.


You OR and someone 3bets you, you fold AJ and he mucks. (you lost a few seconds of your attention)

You OR and someone and some guy with 0/0 in last 17 hands 3 bets you. You fold KQ and he shows 87s just because he wants to show. (Here is the importance of taking notes, in just 17 hands you can't assume a lot about his VPIP of PFR or anything at all but after that know you can especulate a little about his range, if he 3bets with 87s, maybe he also 3bets 88, JTs, etc.

You have 3betted an OR from UTG made by a player with 15/13 at 2,3K hands with a 4b% of 1%. He 4bets All in and you call having AA. Then at showdown he mucks but your PT or HM shows that he had AK. Now you know his ranges isn't just KK+. It includes AK. So maybe even includes QQ.

In conclusion. Taking notes at big raises its far more precise and easy than assuming a 3 bet range by the stats.