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Lost your bankroll? 4 tips to start afresh successfully


In this article
  • Find your mistakes
  • Earn money with Tell-a-Friend or Freerolls
  • Make use of bonuses

Not everyone manages to have a smooth entry into the game. Nervousness, impatience, the overestimation of one's own capabilities and occasionally just plain bad luck with one's cards can lead to one losing their bankroll. But this is not the end of the world. There are different ways to make a fresh start. 

Study before trying

The most common reason that a poker player loses his or her bankroll is bad bankroll management. Making blatant mistakes in the game is often the symptom of a fundamental misunderstanding of how successful poker playing works.

As long as you have the capability to learn from your mistakes, the road will continue to be open to you.

If tilt or bad bankroll management is the reason why you lost, then study these topics carefully again. In the Strategy section you will find the recommended bankroll for your particular variant of the game. The Psychology section contains a number of articles and videos that will help you to handle the game calmly and productively.

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To Bankroll Management No-Limit Big Stack Strategy

To Bankroll Management Sit and Goes

Tricks like setting a stop loss limit or having a tilt diary can easily put you on the road to success again. What is important is that you look into the subject. 

Everyone makes mistakes. Learn from them. Or, as the American author Brian Tracy once said: "It is impossible to succeed without failing".

To the Article: Stop-Loss-Limits - Setting Anchors

To the Article: How to protect your money from tilt

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Use a payment bonus

If you've understood the strategy and are sure you can beat the game, then you can also invest your own money. But please only pay in as much as you can realistically afford.

Poker is a hobby and a game. PokerStrategy.com's top players such as kobeyard have already proven that even just $5 can be enough to start off a poker career.

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Starting from zero with freerolls and free poker money

Almost every online poker room offers so-called Freerolls. These are tournaments that are free to enter. The top players win a few dollars.

The road via Freerolls is a little more challenging and time-consuming, but there is enough evidence to prove that it works.

You can usually win a few dollars, if you can work up to the top ranks. Once you've managed to do that a few times, you will have a big enough bankroll to have a second try using Pokerstrategy.com's beginner's strategies.

From time to time some poker rooms also offer free poker money for trying out their games. The offers range from $7 up to $20. Our free poker page keeps you updated about the latest freerolls and free poker money offers: 

Poker freerolls and free poker money offers


A real poker player always ends up broke and losing their entire bankroll at least once in their lives. That's what the poker experts say anyhow, and it actually applies to top players like David Benyamin or T.J. Cloutier.

On the other hand you shouldn't take this lightly. If this happens to you something must have gone very wrong and bad cards are often just an excuse and apology for bad bankroll management.

Before you make a fresh start, place limits on yourself. Keeping a strict bankroll may seem a little uncool for such a cool game like poker, but it is the only thing that will allow you to progress on a sustained basis in the game. 

Read the Strategy articles, watch videos, discuss your hands in the Forum - in other words, make use of all options available on PokerStrategy.com. They work, have been tried and tested a thousand times over and are absolutely free.

Not doing this will cost you money, in the worst case even your entire bankroll.


Comments (20)

#1 theboydave, 03 Sep 09 13:11

thanks for help for people like me who lost bankroll doing the freerolls and building stack again.

#2 broodlapin, 17 Nov 09 06:59


#3 Koshburger, 16 Jan 10 10:16


#4 Rap1d007, 05 Mar 10 18:21

cool summary of possibilities after first capital lost

#5 belayd, 06 Apr 11 12:53

This is a promotional article. They're basically advertising other ways you can participate in PS promotions. The truth is, if you lose your free starting capital at the lowest levels of poker despite practising the recommended bankroll management, you probably have too much of a talent deficit ever to be successful at poker. But winning players depend on losing players depositing their own money, so of course it's going to be recommended here that you deposit.

My recommendation: If you lose your free starting capital despite diligent study and careful bankroll management and disciplined play, quit poker. If you lost it because you cheated on the quiz, played blackjack instead of poker, or lost discipline at crucial times, then work on those things and get them straightened out BEFORE you consider depositing. Only deposit if you have a reasonable chance to be a winning player.

#6 AltTabF4, 12 Jun 11 17:00

#5 is partly right but I want to add that the reason you lose your entire bankroll might also be characteristics like impatience and carelessness etc.

Quitting poker won't solve these problems.
Poker could even help to fight it.
Freerolls, for example, are great way to train your patience because it can take you up to 4-6 hours finishing it.
Rewards are also small so if you can stay focused - you'll definitely improve as a poker player and person.

#7 delanonunes, 30 Oct 11 23:48

i doubled up my capital then lost half of it again (strayed off the path) but with correct BRM and re-reading articles etc i am slowly crawling my way back up, also analysing hands and sessions has helped enormously as has the forums and other PS users. I will continue to post hands and involve myself in your community as i'm finding it a massive help in all areas of my game. I will be taking the beginners exam very soon and look forward to maybe another course in the future. Thanks again Pokerstrategy your amazing : )

#8 Marsimillion, 13 Apr 14 19:41

I lost my bankroll few years back - at some point after this decided it wasn't a good idea 2 invest further as I had other things going on 4 me & not much time anyway 2 play poker - nowdays with less work & more spare time on my hands & with new bankroll I'm doing much much better - mainly due to reading more on strategy & being more smart in my decisions - I guess knowledge + experience = success

#9 biggood, 07 Sep 14 18:56

good thanks for articel

#10 AtentLaDetaliu, 12 Dec 14 19:20

Ok, i hope i will never lose my bm :)

#11 toske1, 13 Mar 15 18:35


#12 mirth, 28 Mar 15 17:14

i should have read more strategy when i first started, as bankroll mgmt was a very important thing that was lacking on my side. now, i will go at it differently.

#13 LyToLV, 11 Jun 15 16:46

the some comments ar bether then an artickl but thx very much it was greait to read this and comments. :)

#14 vinkojudi, 31 Jul 15 11:36


#15 vinkojudi, 31 Jul 15 11:36


#16 thalead, 20 Nov 15 14:05

i didi this everytime :D

#17 bubamarasr, 22 Jan 16 22:02

Read it. Thank you.

#18 hassux, 25 Jan 16 21:33


#19 CroZoZo, 26 Apr 16 13:24


#20 RentzEst, 13 Jun 17 13:21