10 StrategyPoints A Day for Every Active Player

It's never been this easy to reach Silver status: Until the end of the year, each member receives an extra 10 StrategyPoints for every active day. With only 5 minutes a day at the tables it's possible to earn up to 300 extra StrategyPoints a month.

Community members who only spend a very limited amount of time on their hobby may find it difficult to reach Silver status.

That's why players who collect at least one StrategyPoint on any day between 01/09 and 31/12/2010 get awarded an extra 10 StrategyPoints bonus.

These bonus points count towards your status as well as your lifetime points. However, they can't be used for the Tell-A-Friend or Top250 promotion.

Silver status the easy way

In order to reach and keep your Silver status, members now only have to earn one StrategyPoint on 10 days within a time frame of six weeks. This means that even casual players get the chance to access advanced strategy content.

These promotion bonus points will also help Silver members reach Gold status faster!

See details on the PokerStrategy.com status system

How to get the bonus points:

  • For each day you earn at least 1 SP, you receive an extra 10 SP bonus
  • Valid from September 1 to December 31 2010
  • The bonus SP count towards your status and lifetime points, but can't be used for the Tell-A-Friend or Top250 promotion

We are looking forward to your feedback on this change. Let us know what you think of it here:

Poll: Extra 10 StrategyPoints each day - your feedback

Interesting content for Silver members

Many of our members will reach Silver status for the very first time via this promotion, and unlock a vast amount of exciting new content. Over 100 strategy articles, hundreds of instructional videos and 6 additional coaching sessions per week are waiting for you. With so much to choose from, we'll help you out by recommending a few Silver articles and videos:

Top articles & videos on No Limit

Advanced open-raising (FR)
Five Star General by ge5sterne
Stats Play by cram

Top articles & videos on tournaments

The Early Phase in a MTT
Playing a Final Table by Morgoth & Huckebein
180man Turbos by Aaron Lambert

Top articles & videos on SNGs

Pre-flop Play in the Early Stage
Moving up by chenny8888
The Golden Rule by Douglas Zare (pzhon)

Top articles & videos on Fixed Limit

How to play short-handed (with charts)
Mathematics of Limit Hold'em by leader22
Beating the Low Stakes by Cornholio

Take a look at the coaching sessions available for Silver members and above in our coaching schedule.
180man Turbos by Aaron Lamber

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Comments (44)

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  • OnkelHotte


    Well guys, I expect an explosion of view counts for silver articles and videos^^
  • SprayPaint


    But where I take my first $1 do start making SP-s ?
  • EmanuelC16


    I can already taste the Gold status! Was planning on getting it the normal way ~October-Novemnber but it's very likely I'm gonna succeed in a 2-3 weeks time. Thanks PS.com!
  • Xantos


    @2: As you are already Silver, you probably got $ on some room ;)

    Otherwise, I can recommend all types of freerolls, e.g. the last two qualifier freerolls for the League of Champions, of which one is today!
  • matel17


    GOLD here I come =D
  • sirilidion


    now I will be blackmember is no time! :p
  • happyteerak


    This is great for those of us trying hard to reach gold!!
  • molywop


    #7 agreed, i'm always hovering around 2/3rds of the way to gold.

    it feels like christmas has came early =)
  • YourDoom


    Thanks a lot.
    Just started less then 2 weeks ago and already made over 20 USD profit, but playing only nl2 and under 1 USD tourneys silver was out of my reach.

    Looking forward silver articles (especialy those about tilt) to further elevate my edge.

    Thanks again!
  • pogodon


    good stuff pokerstratehy always looking for ways to make the site better
    thumbs up
  • Waiboy


    Nice promo guys. :)
  • Heave112


    Platinum here I come :)
  • nathanrenard


    Gold here i come :)
  • NIVEKii


  • gheecko


    clearing things out:
    earn at least 1SP in a day = +10SP in a day


    1SP x 10SP in a day ?????
    (if i earn 5SP means i get 50SP bonus??)
  • h2liann


    It's +10 not x10 : )
  • EmanuelC16


    Didn't get my +10 for yesterday...
  • seasonsofchange


    same here :(
  • EmanuelC16


    Just noticed I have those extra 10SPs :D.
  • wowadvisor


    its listed under Special Bonuses
  • mattbaillon


    how come i have 300 points and am still bronze?
  • CmdrKeen


    Only the best consecutive four weeks of the past six count for your status. To get a status and keep it, a certain level of activity must be kept up. See www.pokerstrategy.com/strategy-points/
  • orcwarhero


    Hi, just wondering if there is an update problem because I am not showing any points earned for this month?

    Neither regular nor special bonus points.
  • JazBenz


    had been wondering why i get 10 PS points a day extra lol
  • stijepo1


    It would be great if we who earn 200+ points a day could get 50 points bonus for each active day so we can reach diamond status :))
  • SPeedFANat1c


    so thats where those points are comming from :D
  • 36bullets


    good job! keep it up! :)

    #26, yeah, I was also wondering where those points came from... lol.
  • fewri


    Really nice promo Pokerstrategy,i wope i will take some money and deposit this month,i really want to be back,and make more points.
  • bbosstjan


    If I earn 1Sp on FullTilt and 1Sp on 888poker does that mean I get 20bonus points?
  • GeorGGiaN


  • trinhdinhthuan


    oh !
  • shlomowms


    Great thing you have done for us! i just made the points needed for silver. piece of cake. can`t wait to read the new articles:D
  • trinhdinhthuan


  • slimleo


    does someone call tell me why i don`t recieve points? i played a lot and i don`t even have one point
  • dochazard


    Does the bonus 10SP get credited automatically?
  • Hadi


    @34: Send a ticket to customer support: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/support/
    @35: Yep, it gets credited daily a short while after the regular SPs arrive :)
    @29: Nope, it's 10SP/day max ;)
  • Nejc351


    I play on pokerstars, but still no point's for this month. Anyone else has this problem? I'll wait a litle, before sending a ticket to support.
  • Nejc351


    it's all ok now. Maybe was this becouse new pokerstars software.
  • renegate00


    its big lying..i never get any points..
  • renegate00


    Current StrategyPoints: 0 :D
  • zvjezdana73


    ho I receive lifetime strategy points, i have normal Sp, but how i receive lifetime SP? whats the difference?
  • homiebd


    is the bonus 10 sp everyday still going?
  • mktpppr


    @42 my 1st jan points total doesnt show bonus 10 points, this promotion will be missed... (hint hint)
  • duniapoker


    Thanks for upgrading my status. This SP promo is great. (Indonesia Brader)