New No Limit Hold'em lessons overview

Over the past few weeks we have published a load of new lessons - here's how they can help you in your development as a player and a preview of the future.

The following is an overview of the four stages in the development of a poker player and how the new lessons we have published can aid your development.

Stage 1: Play poker with strategy (NL2 - NL5)

With's starting strategy, you can begin right away and get a feel for the dynamics of a poker game. The strategy is easily learned and profitable at the smallest limits; your resources include a Starting Hand Chart as well as articles regarding postflop game.


Stage 2: Basic concepts and thinking in ranges (NL10)

Having learned the starting strategy you can now begin to develop your own game. In this stage you will learn to understand some fundamental connections, to express your thoughts in concrete ranges, and learn how to derive your equity. So "my opponent bluffs a lot." becomes "I assume that my opponent bluffs here with {AQ, AJ, QJ, JT}, whereas he only bets {AA, KK, AK} with his best hands."


Stage 3: Hand reading & exploitation (NL25 - NL50)

One of the main factors in a successful poker game is the analysis and exploitation of weaknesses in your opponents' play. In these lessons you will learn the techniques and default ranges needed to analyse your opponents' tendencies . In our exploitation lessons you will learn how to use these analyses to your advantage in order to counteract your opponents' tendencies.


Stage 4: Playing With an adaptive game plan (NL100 - NL200)

The next step in your development as poker player is planning your complete range in a certain situation. This helps you to recognize leaks in your opponents' game with regard to the frequencies of his actions. These frequency leaks will allow you to configure your ranges so that you have the right range for the right situation.

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