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NL Beginners Course - Overview

NL BSS School

Welcome to the No Limit Beginners Course - the definitive start to your poker career!

This course provides a guided learning environment for beginners in No Limit Hold'em according to Big Stack Strategy (BSS). Below you can find a tutorial about how to participate in the course, as well as an overview of the material, divided into lessons.

During the course, you'll improve your game with the following methods:


These contain the theory to understand the game, as well as practical examples to activate and test your knowledge.


The videos accompany the articles and provide further explanations and live examples.

 Coaching sessions

Observe our coaches in action, pose your questions to them and get answers immediately.

 Hand analysis

In-depth hands analysis is the best way to improve your own game and we have great coaches who can help you with that.

 Forum discussions

Discuss your thoughts with other members, leave feedback and consult the teachers.

 Homework exercises

These exercises will help you retain the information, as practice and repetition are the best way to learn.

Once you are done with all the lessons, you can take the Graduation Exam, which will solidify the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course. Upon completing all the homework tasks and the exam, you'll receive a graduation badge as an award, signifying the results of your hard work and your development as a poker player.

So, how does it work?

1. Create your personal learning thread

Go to the Course Locker Room, and create a thread with your username as the title. This is your registration for the school. You will need this thread to post your homework results, monitor your progress, and communicate with the coaches.

2. Follow the curriculum

Enclosed below is a curriculum for learning, a lesson-by-lesson guide is provided. There are 8 lessons in total which you should study from start to finish in order to complete the course.

3. Complete every lesson

Each lesson consists of articles, videos and coaching sessions, you can also discuss things with community in the forum and post hands. For best results, follow the lessons step by step and prepare accordingly for the homework, this will ensure you gain the most knowledge from the time you invest.

4. Do the homework

Each lessons contains homework so you can check your progress. The homework is designed to solidify what you've learned in the lessons. It is a profitable move to test yourself by answering the homework questions and it makes sure you understood the concepts correctly. When you post your homework in your personal thread in the Locker Room, it will be reviewed by one of the course coaches.

5. Pass the exam

Pass the final exam at the end of the course to receive a Graduation Badge (which you can display in the forums)! The final exam also ensures that your newly acquired knowledge sinks in properly.


The Beginners Course forums
The forums serve as a meeting place for all the students of the course, as well as a place to communicate with the coaches and post your hands and homework.

»  Beginners Course Locker Room - This is the place for your personal learning thread, where you keep your progress in the Course, communicate directly with your teachers, and post your homework.

»  Announcements and feedback - These topics are placed in the sticky threads in the locker room forum. Find news here, changes to coaching sessions and polls/surveys. Also, if you have any problems/questions, this is the place to post them.

»  Hand discussion forums - Here you can post your hands to be reviewed by our coaches and get professional analysis of your play. Parts of the course homework will also take place in these forums.

The Beginners Course curriculum

The curriculum consists of 8 Lessons in total. Once you have completed them all, you can take the Final Exam and earn your Graduation Badge.

Lesson 1
• Introduction to No Limit Hold'em
• Introduction to
• Proper Poker Mindset - Part 1

»  Go to Lesson 1 Overview

Lesson 2
• Preflop basics
• General tips and knowledge for playing online poker
• Introduction to the mathematics of poker - Part 1 (maths basics, odds and outs)

» Go to Lesson 2 Overview  

Lesson 3
• Postflop basics
• Introduction to the mathematics of poker - Part 2 (implied pot odds)
• Introduction to hands evaluation - Part 1
• Equilab

» Go to Lesson 3 Overview

Lesson 4
• Playing with initiative
• Multi-tabling
• Elephant, HUDs - Part 1
• Tilt and tilt prevention
• Introduction to hand evaluation - Part 2

» Go to Lesson 4 Overview 

Lesson 5
• Playing without initiative
• Elephant, HUDs - Part 2
• Playing with stats

» Go to Lesson 5 Overview  

Lesson 6
• Playing when nobody has the initiative
• Multi-way pots, freeplays
• Slowplay
• Advanced example hands

» Go to Lesson 6 Overview 

Lesson 7
• Introduction to short-handed BSS
• Self-management skills

» Go to Lesson 7 Overview 

Lesson 8
• Introduction to the MSS and SSS
• Adjusting your play against MSS and SSS players
• Overview, summary
• Preparation for the final exam

» Go to Lesson 8 Overview 

Graduation Exam

Upon completing all the lessons and their respective homework exercises, you can undertake the Graduation Exam. When you've done all the challenges in the Beginners Course, you'll receive a Graduation Badge, which you can display in your forum signature.

The NL Beginners Course Graduation Badge

Go to the Graduation Exam

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#1 lynius, 22 Aug 11 12:05


#2 Pouserly2, 24 Aug 11 02:53

ok thz

#3 satrapis1, 24 Aug 11 07:06

Very useful

#4 sportsgeist, 26 Aug 11 19:15

is there planned a course after the 2 month beginners course, an advanced cours?

#5 PotapovSergey, 31 Aug 11 09:48

#4: Yes there is, but it's too early to say anything about it ATM.

#6 lynius, 01 Sep 11 13:38

#5 +1

#7 ProlinePoker, 05 Sep 11 16:39

Can I still join this course, or do since it already started, will I have to wait for a new one?

#8 PotapovSergey, 06 Sep 11 08:28

#7: You can join in at any time, there are no restrictions. Simply follow steps 1 to 5 and enjoy the course :)

#9 ProlinePoker, 06 Sep 11 16:30

Thanks, I'll be joining now!

#10 StingerMk, 07 Nov 11 16:18

Back to school ... nice job :)

#11 Skraggy, 09 Jan 12 11:59

Is there a sng beginners course planned too? :)

#12 SvenBe, 09 Jan 12 12:15

he Skraggy, unfortunately we have not planned this as we do not think we can reach a 'critical mass' with it.

#13 PinkFairy, 30 Jan 12 19:11

well if you make a MTT coure i think it will reach a critical mass :D anyway i love this one, i just started and i was trying for ages to start and learn to play cash (i'm not pro at MTTS but my play is much better in MTTs compared to cash)

#14 Skraggy, 07 Feb 12 12:37

SvenBe - how about running a poll on the home page(or somewhere) to see how many 'yes' votes are gotten just as an estimate? :)

#15 kopstad, 11 Feb 12 03:19

#14 Good idea.

I would also like a course at MTT/SNG. I will join this course anyway. Great project PS, your work here are amazing :)

#16 HonzaCZE, 19 Apr 12 13:01

hello, if i am from czech community, not from english, can i also try it and get Graduation Badge? thanks :)

#17 SvenBe, 18 Jul 12 11:12

Hi HonzaCZE, yes,you can take the course as well!

#18 drphil90, 10 Sep 12 23:36

how much does the course cost or is it free?

#19 Raknyo, 15 Sep 12 00:17

@18: It's free, all the relevant links can be found on this page.

#20 bhanughanu, 07 Oct 12 16:44

simple and to the point...'' Rome was not built in one day'' addresses this mindset of my mind perfectly...