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StrategyNo Limit

BU Pre-flop Ranges

The button is the best and therefore most important position in your game. That's why you play the most hands from the button. The reasoning for this is twofold; firstly you call and 3-bet more against raises in front of you due to your position and secondly you will also attack the blinds with a wide range. However, you need to be prepared to face some opposition in the form of either 3-bets or calls.

In this lesson, you will find the pre-flop ranges for playing from the button in a No-Limit 6-max game. Next to a wide open raising range you will also learn which characteristics and tendencies of the standard opponent played a part in the creation of these ranges.

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Comments (5)

#1 GingerKid, 17 Jun 14 14:00

Why are there so many leaks in for all positions? Bu folds too much vs 3bets, 4bet range is totally bluff heavy, 3bet range is bluff heavy. It means that villian who has stats will see easily those leaks and exploit it with 3bet, 4bet, 5bet bluffs.
I think that default ranges in articles should be as balanced as possible, and then we can add or remove bluffs for specific opponents.

Before i didnt check for lteaks in ranges, believed that ranges in articles are balanced, and was learning them blindly, then realized all of this.

#2 GingerKid, 17 Jun 14 14:10


I noticed there are big leaks for almost all positions vs almost all positions for 3bet range, 4bet range. They are very bluff heavy, which means any villain who is using tracker software and knows basic stats and how to exploit leaks can easily exploit it.
Also, from BU, it is too much folded vs 3bet.
I think default ranges in articles should be balanced, unexploitable. Then we can add or remove bluffs from range vs specific villains. Having by default bluff heavy ranges, and thinking that people will not notice it is, and that most regs will be exploited by those bluff heavy ranges is imo wrong.

#3 tarjaturunenRNMD, 20 Oct 14 12:44

Why 62% in BU ??? why too much ???

#4 bodao118, 30 Jan 16 02:49

How much 5-Bet size?

#5 bradomurder, 19 Nov 18 09:34

Are you really folding 73% to 3bets from the BU?