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Game Plan (6): Barrelling Frequencies

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Barrelling frequencies form part of your basic game plan and help to determine your post flop betting ranges.

When devising your basic game plan, you define the ranges that you want to see the flop with. If you want to bet post flop but aren't sure about the composition of your opponent's calling and folding ranges, barrelling frequencies are your standard. You only deviate from that standard if you have a read on your opponent.

The goal of your betting strategy is to keep the EV of your opponent's calling and folding ranges as low as possible. To achieve that goal, you have to consider the following:
  • If you don't barrel enough, your opponent's folding range is too profitable.
  • If you barrel too much, your opponent's calling range is too profitable.

An optimal barrelling frequency exists where you don't bet too little or too much.

Barrelling frequencies:
A concept to define your post flop betting ranges.

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Comments (4)

#1 infiK, 13 Dec 13 13:13

"66 also has 28% equity against the entire preflop range of the BB, so the check and check-down EV is equal to +28% of the pot." Wrong

#2 KTU, 10 Jan 14 10:28

what equity realisiation do you think would be better than a 1 factor? If you think it is less, why?

#3 GingerKid, 04 Mar 14 10:25

I think we could use one factor only if villian always checks down all off his worse hands. The facts is that villian bluffs also and we dont realize 28% equity. Imo we should consider our hand to have % equity vs flop bet range, we have around
1/24 equity (if we hit set we bet otherwise checkdown) vs turn and river delayed bet range and estimate our equity vs his check down range and the average equity would be our final check down equity vs his whole range. So i think our equity is much lower than 28% which would mean we win once in 4 times. Correct?

#4 hassux, 25 Jan 16 21:20

badi nik kiss emou