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Game Plan (4): Calldown Frequencies

Before reading this lesson, you should have already read:

Calldown frequencies are part of your basic game plan. They define your post-flop calling ranges.

Calldown frequency: A concept to determine your post-flop calling ranges.

In your basic game plan, you set up ranges that you will reach the flop with. If your opponent bets post-flop and you aren't quite sure what your opponent's value and bluff ranges look like, calldown frequencies are your standard response. You only deviate from this standard if you have reads on your opponent.

The aim of your call strategy is to minimise the EV of your opponent's betting range.
Pay attention to the following:

  • If you don't call enough, your opponent's bluffs become too profitable.
  • If you call too often, your opponent's value bets become too profitable.

There is an optimal calldown frequency where you call neither too much nor too little.

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#1 Boomer2k10, 18 Dec 13 20:15

Hi All

Please enjoy the fourth article in the Gameplan Series of Lessons - Calldown Frequencies

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#2 hassux, 25 Jan 16 21:19