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Things to Consider at Showdown

You should have already read:

When reading a hand, you start pre-flop by assigning an average range to your opponent according to his player type. Then you narrow down his range post-flop using the funnel principle. Both processes are based on assumptions about how your opponent is likely to play certain ranges.

You can put these assumptions to the test at showdown by comparing the range that you expected with the hand your opponent actually holds. If you recognize a deviation from what you expected, then you should consider adapting your range accordingly.

In this lesson you will learn how to recognize deviations from average ranges and how to modify these ranges if needed. You can also gain useful information about your opponent's post-flop range at showdown, especially concerning his value, bluffing, and calling ranges.

Pre-flop: Pay attention to deviations from average ranges

The average range is the foundation of your hand reading, and it is based on assumptions about what hands your opponent will open raise, 3-bet, cold call and limp.

Your opponent can deviate from the average range in two ways:

  • He plays a hand outside of the average range.
  • He does not play a hand from the average range, or he plays it differently than expected.

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