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StrategyFixed Limit

Standard play: Advanced

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In this article
  • When to follow a standard play and when not to.
  • Why to play a standard play.
  • How to deal with made hands and draws.

Every strategic poker player has a more or less fixed repertoire of playing styles which he applies in certain situations. Depending on many factors, situations can be distinguished, categorised and associated to favourable playing styles.

In the Bronze section's Post-flop: Standard play against one opponent, some plays were already described and explained. These are moves which relate to flop and turn play, and tend to describe optimal playing styles in defined situations, with certain kinds of hands.

These categorisations are an indispensable tool to reduce the complexity of FL Hold'em. The goal is to pick the best playing style in many situations, without having to analyse the whole hand (maybe mathematically) in the short amount of time you usually have.

This article expands on the topic of standard plays. You'll learn how to identify and apply the criteria for each optimal playing style. They depend on position, initiative, your hand strength in relation to the type of opponent and the board texture. Read on for explanations on how to evaluate these parameters and determine the correct decision.

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