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Using the Equilator

Why should we use the Equilator?

In this article
  • How to use the Equilator
  • What can one calculate by using the Equilator

With the Equilator, one is in a position to quickly and accurately calculate the equity of a hand in a particular situation. The most important use for this is to construct accurate equity charts. The SHC and ORC would not be possible to construct without the Equilator and other similar programs. In addition, by playing around with the program one can get a feeling for various situations so as to help in making the correct decision.

A small example: Lets take the SHC into consideration. For beginners it is optimal, but it has some weaknesses, since there will inevitably arise situations in which the chart simplifies the rather complex preflop game too much.

For this reason, there are also other charts such as the ORC. But even with these two, not every situation is covered. It is extremely difficult, given the wide array of player types, to analyse every situation using only these charts. You'll be better able to take into account these additional unknown factors, once you have internalized a basic understanding of the game. This, however, requires a great deal of study and practice. Nothing will pay off more for you than having a perfect preflop game.

This article will guige you through how to use PokerStrategy's Equilator. If you don't already have the program installed, you can download it here: Equilator


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