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Tips for using referral links


When you register at PokerStrategy.com, our system generates a referral link for you. If someone clicks on this link, he is directed to our website. If he subsequently signs up at PokerStrategy.com, he will be tracked as referred by you and you will receive a referral reward of up to $500.

You can find your referral link in the Invite Friends section (upper right corner). You can, for example, include it in your signature in an internet forum - as long as this is permitted by the operator; or you could add it to your blog or send it to your friends on Facebook.

Link directly to strategy articles, news, etc.

What many members don't know is that the link can be modified to take you directly to subpages of PokerStrategy.com, for example strategy articles, videos or news.

Here is an example of what a referral link might look like: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/#u44BBB

The string of characters at the end, "u44BBB", is the referral code that our system uses to identify that a visitor has been referred to us by the person the referral link belongs to. In order to link to a subpage of PokerStrategy.com, simply take the URL address of the page and add your referral code at the end of the address.

Let's say you want to link to the strategy article at the following address:

To turn the link into a referral link, simply add the referral code:

(Note: The code used in this example is not your personal referral code. Please visit our Invite Friends section for your referral link and your referral code.)

Exceptions: Unfortunately you cannot link to subpages in the forum, the shop or the community area. It does work for all other pages such as videos, news, strategy articles, poker tool pages, wallpapers, etc.

Your referral code will not be on constant display to the referred visitor. If you would like to try it yourself, simply click on your referral link. You will not see your referral code in the URL bar of your browser, only the plain web address without the referral code will be visible.

Mask the referral link

Referral links have a disadvantage: they are easily identified. This in itself is not a bad thing, but you should know from your own experience that a link such as www.gohere.com/content/fun/#df443yy doesn't look very inviting at first. Many internet users have a habit of deleting the referral code and instead directly entering the URL of the page in their browser. In this case they would simply type in www.gohere.com.

You can easily avoid this problem if you move the referral code from the end of the link to the beginning. Our system will also recognise a link following this pattern.

  • Variant 1 - At the end: www.gohere.com/content/fun/#df443yy
  • Variant 2 - At the beginning: www.gohere.com/df443yy/content/fun/

Using the second variant won't get a higher number of visitors interested in PokerStrategy.com, but it will make it easier for you to ensure that your referred visitor will actually use your referral link to get to PokerStrategy.com.

Important: You can put your referral code at the beginning or the end of the link, but not anywhere else. The following link would not work:

  • Not possible - in the centre: www.gohere.com/content/df443yy/fun/

Banners and forum signatures as referral links

If you would like to use your referral link in a forum signature, you should first make sure that the operator of the forum allows this. If you are in doubt, please ask.

Our referral material includes a variety of banners and signatures. You select a banner, for example, and find the corresponding HTML code further down on the page. If you embed this HTML code into your own page, the banner will be displayed and automatically contain the referral link.

Tip for advanced referrers: Before you embed a banner on your website or your blog, modify the alt attribute in the link and, if necessary, add the attribute rel = "nofollow".

If you want to use your own images, make sure you integrate your referrer link.

» Go to the referral material, banners and forum signatures

RSS feeds as referral links

You also find RSS feeds as part of our referral material. These have become a very popular way of displaying dynamic content on a website without having to create this content yourself. The content is centrally provided by another website.

For example, a RSS feed could be a newsticker which allows you to display the latest news from PokerStrategy.com on your own website. If someone clicks on a news icon in the RSS feed on your page, he will be forwarded to the actual news article on PokerStrategy.com and you will automatically be tracked as his referrer.

To put it simply, RSS feeds work like this: A platform, such as PokerStrategy.com, has a given file saved on its server. This file contains the content of the feed as text (for example news). The file is regularly updated. Other websites that have embedded the RSS feed access this file and display its content. As the file is regularly updated, the content on all websites containing the embedded RSS feed also changes regularly.

For the final display (the colours, font sizes, etc.), you will need an interpreter. This is a small program that reads the files and converts them into HTML code, so that the content can be put on websites.

You have several options to embed a RSS feed on your page:
  • If you are proficient in PHP computer language and have Webspace, which allows you to embed your own PHP scripts, you can either write the script to display the feed yourself or download it from the internet.
  • Use Google to search for a website that has the script running on its server and that allows you to generate HTML code to display the feed when it is embedded on your website. The downside of this is that you can only roughly determine the formatting. But then again, you won't have to do any programming.
  • For content management systems, such as Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress, there are free plug-ins that display RSS feeds.

» Go to the referral material and the RSS feeds


There are many different ways to use referral links and you can use them to directly link to specific content at PokerStrategy.com. This makes referring more effective since you can directly link to specific videos or articles as your own product testimonials, or embed dynamic content on your website via RSS feeds. These feeds are direct from PokerStrategy.com and directly link to PokerStrategy.com.

When you refer new members, you are not restricted to telling them "Please click on this link: LINK". You can make it all more interesting, for example by saying "Why don't you check out this video: LINK" or "Find everything about equity here at PokerStrategy.com: LINK". This gives you more flexibility and certainly more success at referring.

Also keep in mind that you can always place your referral code at the beginning of a link. In this way the link looks less like "publicity". And as always, if you have any questions, you can find the answers in our Tell-a-Friend forum:

» Go to the forum

Comments (3)

#1 Luka275, 08 Aug 10 18:24

you cuold wrote this earlier,now when i am blocked you are telling me this.when i ask pokerstrategy staff where can i safely copy my link they didnt have answers and now this.just one week after i am blocked.thank you PS

#2 ShawnlovesShawn, 24 Jul 14 06:18

I'm not schooled at all when it comes to computer jargon or websites, but this information might be well used in the future by me!

#3 Robinsko, 09 Aug 16 18:36