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Turnplay OOP without initiative with showdown value


In this article
  • Your opponent will bet in 2 of 3 cases
  • You can call with 27%+ equity
  • You can call with 22%+ equity after a 3-bet before the flop

In the 'Heads up on the Flop OOP: C/C Flop Without Initiative - With Showdown Value' article, you learned when and why to play check/call on the flop with a marginal hands when you don't have initiative.

One of the central points in this article is: You can generally continue playing with the intention of seeing the showdown with app. 37% equity on the flop after defending your blind with A high. You then play C/C on the flop.

Of course, this doesn't mean you should just switch to a rigid calldown mode when you have 37% equity on the flop. You have to pay attention to the development of the board. Depending on the turn card, a hand that looked like a profitable calldown on the flop may not be playable on the turn any more.

We will now take a detailed look at the rules you should follow when playing your hand under these conditions and how to correctly use the additional information gained on the turn.


Excel Chart to calculate the needed equity for C/C Flop

Excel Chart to calculate the needed equity for a calldown


That's not the entire article...

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