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Poker is not Dying - Your Mindset for a Successful Game


In this article
  • Why more difficult does not mean not worthwhile
  • How you can change your definition of success
  • The Possibilities Poker gives you

You can still beat the games for significant profit

If you scroll through online forums and blogs these days you will get the miserable impression that online poker profitability is plummeting to horrible depths. Everywhere you turn, poker players are discussing abandoning the opportunity that poker provides, for an attempt to return to traditional employment for just that reason. Don’t listen to them; you’re much smarter than that. Just in case you’re mentally drained from a long productive day of studying and jumping on and off tables to dig up what you already know, here is a refresher of the reasons for playing poker:


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (19)

#1 DeMarcohsp, 02 Oct 10 15:11

Looking forward for the next articles. This one just made me sure that I am on the right path. Gj

#2 sufix645, 02 Oct 10 15:38

very nice article. Waiting for next one :)

#3 Pichux, 02 Oct 10 16:23

One of the best psychology articles i have read here. Some part of what is written here i had discovered by myself. I 100% agree about the process beeing the most important to any poker player. Lately i've noticed that since i am not just striving to get in the best seat at the best table with the biggest amount of fish, with every day i'm feeling more and more comfortable at a table that is not even nearly perfect, playing with regulars. Paying more attention to the process helped me to be a better player. Ok, my weak spot is the 'play around with theory' part :D But lately i have understood, that there isn't just the mathematical theory side of the poker. You can still get great results with studying the psychological aspects of the game. And i still makes you a great player. Why experiment with mathematical theories if you're better off just trying to find out how to keep your mindset, not going on tilt and what really matters. Poker is a game, that knows no boundaries. It's a game for math-nerds as much as for philosophers. Love it! :)

P.S. How could there be such a buzz about the 'downswing' of poker, when it just got announced as an official mind-game only few months ago?

#4 JoaoMartins, 02 Oct 10 18:45

I am really motivated to keep rising in stakes right now. I hope more of this material makes its way to PokerStrategy. Somnius, I have been researching the materials you have been contributing to the PokerStrategy community, and I must say I admire you very much.

#5 Pimprlas, 03 Oct 10 00:38

Great job Somnius, keep it up :)

#6 Sasa1234, 05 Oct 10 00:35

+1 for all that JoaoMartins said

#7 Gabinr1, 06 Oct 10 00:57

Nice article!

I also like the ending:
"The games aren’t “dying”, the challenge is just beginning."

#8 RottPete, 19 Oct 10 10:18

Great article, love this section, keep them coming! :)

#9 IKSecret, 21 Oct 10 12:33

Very inspiring and motivating article! I to look forward for more articles from you! Thank you!

#10 NutsBuster, 29 Oct 10 18:09

Excellent article! I'm just starting out this year and appreciate all the in depth advice poker strategy puts us in touch with. With the guidance of articles like this one I turned $50 free starting capital in January 2010 into a fun year of learning poker and even won a seat at the recent League of Champions. Didn't make the playoffs, but won $1K for 1st place in final league match. This is from a guy who would auto shove with top pair weak kicker!
As Somnius says, the process is much more important than the results. I would say I was a borderline donk in January, and through reading, watching and practising I've become a profitable player. Looking to move up to higher stakes, I hope to see more great articles like this one to help keep me on track.

Thanks again!

PS It's great to be part of an actual poker community with constant communal dialogue taking place on all aspects of the game - all at no cost! Many thanks to all who make this site as wonderful as it is.

#11 TribunCaesar, 14 Nov 10 15:54

Indeed very inspiring. I hope for more to come.

#12 SniffvsSnaf, 05 Jul 11 20:35

I will win this Motivation Game and will have fun in doin so!!!

#13 ironmask92, 16 Jul 11 00:24

Very inspiring and motivating article!

I'm also very happy that this article talks about the positive aspects of poker instead of talking about negative aspects of poker.

Also a breath of fresh air to learn that its all about the process and not about results! I look forward to more articles, :)

#14 ironmask92, 16 Jul 11 00:25

Will definitely re-read this article when i'm feeling down and need some inspiration, :)

#15 Pouserly2, 12 Aug 11 09:06

Very good article , worth the read!

#16 Maniatrix, 26 Sep 11 11:25

This was written before black friday though...

#17 Huckebein, 26 Sep 11 18:08

Still a nice read :)

#18 luckyme44, 04 Nov 12 05:25

Such a good article. So true. Anyone interested in reading more about the process should look into the book " Mastery The Keys to success and long term fulfillment" by george leonard. I believe its free online if you look around on google.

#19 Ustrix, 28 Jun 14 14:04

Solid information and very good article, which stands test of time. Almost 4 years on, and still relevant today.