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Playing Postflop (1): As the Preflop Aggressor

Before reading this lesson, you should have read through:

After the two previous modules, you should have an understanding of how to play preflop. In the later stages of SNGs, preflop is usually all there is to play with the stack sizes so short and risk premium high enough to discourage flat calling and playing postflop.

However, in the early stages of SNGs, you often find yourself in postflop situations where your preflop raise was flat called. This lesson will help you approach such spots, understand what factors are important when considering what to do, and develop a default strategy in case of no specific reads on the opponent.

Continuation betting


This is the most frequent postflop spot you will find yourself in. You have raised preflop, were called by one or more opponents, and the action has either been checked to you, or you are first to act on the flop.

Generally, in these situations you should be aggressive because you have the initiative and your range is typically stronger than that of your opponent. With a good hand, you should bet for value and to protect it from draws. You should also bluff with as many missed hands as you can get away with. Sometimes you can combine these goals if you have a weak hand but a good draw – this is called a semibluff. You will now see when exactly it makes sense to continuation bet (shortened to "c-bet"), and how much you should make it.

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