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Overcards in 3-Bet Pots (3) - Possible Plays as a Preflop Aggressor


Now you've learned how to estimate equity as well as the required conditions for this spot, it's time to look more closely at some possible plays: what can you actually do?

Should you fold, bluff or semi-bluff, or could you even play for value? This article looks at your options.


The options available to you depend on the preflop aggression and your position.

There are four possible situations to determine between:

  • You're preflop aggressor in position
  • You're preflop aggressor out of position
  • You're in position without the initiative
  • You're out of position without the initiative

Your relative hand strength and the range of your opponent change depending on the action preflop and your position. Correspondingly, there are different lines you can choose.

Here we look at examples where you act as preflop aggressor, the last part will deal with examples where you don't have the initiative.


That's not the entire article...

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