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Setting and reaching goals (2): Planning goals

Before this lesson you should have already read:
  • From a vision to concrete goals
  • You already know how to use the SMART-criteria to formulate a precise goal from your vision, and how to divide it into intermediate goals.

    In the next step you will plan how you can reach your goal. For this, you decide which tasks are necessary and put these into a sensible order.  The result is a plan that tells you exactly how to proceed. How exactly to make this plan will be shown in this lesson.

    Determine the requirements for your goal and thus define your tasks

    You can already say when you will reach your goal. You now need to think about the requirements that need to be met in order to achieve this.

    Requirements are actions that need to be performed or formal criteria that need to be met for your goal to be reached.

    In order to pass a course at university you need to perform homework, attend the lectures regularly and maybe hold a presentation. Formal criteria could, for example, be signing up for the class and exams.

    From these requirements you can take the tasks you need to perform. Some are relatively easy to accomplish and occur naturally (attending the lectures regularly). Others need to be further divided into simpler tasks so that you know exactly what you need to do, and how long it will take you. In order to make a presentation you need to read the book, "The development of the Coca-Cola company at the north pole", process the information for your talk, and create a presentation.

    In order to start straight away, and not have to think about the "How", you formulate your tasks as clear, simple statements about what you will do in detail. For example, "I attend the xy lecture every Tuesday at 9:30"; "I read ten pages in the xy textbook every night".

    Next steps

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