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Tilt: Excessive Play

You are not a machine

Playing poker can be demanding. Not taking breaks from the game can wear you out.

Those who play more than the average Joe face additional challenges in poker. When it comes to excessive play, we need to take two aspects into special consideration: game volume (number of hands played per day/month/year) and money volume (size of limit/bankroll/overturn).

The two don't necessarily go hand in hand, but when it comes to online poker they often correlate. Players in higher limits often play more and at multiple tables. A solid, winning player sticks to the limits that are right for him. He spends a large part of his day with poker, not just playing, but practicing, learning, and thinking about the game.

For him, poker is more than a hobby, it's a profession or a source of additional income. This makes poker all the more important in his life, even away from the tables. So what kind of strain does this put on a player? How does this connect to tilting?



That's not the entire article...

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Comments (11)

#1 1seednoir1, 27 Sep 08 01:07

Well i think this is all me... I got to work that out and take breaks between tournaments...
nice article

#2 Dippy19, 28 Sep 08 16:24

About that breathing:
That's an aikido exercise similar to it. You get down to your knees and sit down on your heels(that's the best position for your back bone and it enables a clear breathing path and good energy flow) Your backbone has to be straight up, no bending, and then you slowly breath in firstly to the lower parts of your body and than further up until you filled up your chest. Then you slowly start leaning forward and as you do you slowly breath out from the bottom up through your mouth and make sort of a humming noise. Then when you are empty you start breathing in like the first time, while slowly leaning back up into the first position. Then you just repeat. If that doesn't calm you down and relax you nothing will:)

#3 mouse89, 06 Oct 08 15:09


#4 dallievas, 13 Oct 08 01:24

Thanks Robert,very nice articles.I think they`ll help me.

#5 jp2570, 10 Feb 09 10:50

I have started showing the first signs of getting addicted to the game and its amazing how three simple words 'get a life' can change your train of thought dramaticly and put things back into perspective :) Cheers Rob

#6 blankcheque, 20 Feb 10 17:39

nice, i agree with jp2570 comments

#7 svendeucer, 08 Apr 11 03:04

indeed dippy. i started practicing yoga again recently and now i won't play a session without going through some yogic routines ,as well it has reminded me of other dimensions in my life. lo and behold my attitude and profitability at the tables has improved as well. i hate to get all vegan nazi but diet is huge for me now as well.

#8 datsmahname, 13 May 11 21:39

I can understand that this is an article about tilt, and that relaxation techniques can help us keep our cool...

What's strange to me is that a huge emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of increasing our lung capacity (or the length of our breath @ least) and this specific increase is not being justified with respect to tilt.

Lets say I'm walking 9 natural steps before exhaling a normal breath, does this correlate strongly with a fortitude against tilting?

I think that tilt resistance has to focus on the things that correlate MOST with tilt, and I'm not confident those few extra steps are going to matter very much at all.

#9 Pouserly2, 12 Aug 11 09:03

good post

#10 SPeedFANat1c, 31 Oct 11 09:39

poker is just a game. But if you want to make good enough money from it, so you can live from it? Because - if you are not thinking about money, and just as a game, then is it worth to be study so much and try to be so good? It takes time and energy. Maybe then better take so 3d strategy computer game and play for fun, without money involved, and not put so much information to your head about the strategy and so on.

#11 luckyme44, 16 Dec 12 06:22

great article.. I suffer from excessive play but lately have been doing better with setting times to play and breaks to take.. I still suffer from it though...