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Tilt: Introduction

Players who tilt will fail in the long run

No psychological aspect of poker has a greater impact on your success than your susceptibility to going on tilt.

The many aspects of "tilting" will be the subject of this guide. We will abstain from any further introduction, as anyone who has played the game is familiar with the problem of "tilt".

The topic is real. It's a subject you can't avoid, if you want to take poker seriously. Once you have reached a certain level, your poker career will depend on your ability to manage this aspect of the game. If you are prone to going on tilt and cannot manage to keep yourself under control, you'll end up making very little profit, if any.

Am I exaggerating? Not at all. The ability to manage a tilt phase becomes more and more important as the technical of abilities of the players becomes more equal - which will be the case once you have reached the middle limits.


A player on tilt is in an emotional state in which he has difficulty making rational decisions and allows his emotions to influence his game.

Once you can no longer depend on the technical superiority of your playing compared to that of your opponents, variance and its accompanying swings will become a bigger part of the game. Your mental strength, that is, your tilt-resistance and the ability to keep a cool head under pressure, will grow in importance. To put it short: your psychological disposition/attitude increases in significance.

Clearly, a player must work on developing the psychological and mental aspects of his game. This development goes hand in hand with your own personality and characteristics. How you and your opponents handle your personality and personal weaknesses make up one of the most fascinating aspects of poker.



That's not the entire article...

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Just keep going:)

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Great article! The Zen in poker is about how to manage ourselves.

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