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Why Do You Still Tilt?


In this article
  • Why your previous attempts to curb tilt have failed
  • How to spot the early signs of tilt
  • Why managing tilt doesn't get to the root of the problem

If you have been around poker long enough you will have had to deal with tilt. Although you can never truly say any  aspect of poker is fully 'solved', there is a lot of comprehensive material out there about the technical aspects of the game. However, tilt is one element of poker where there doesn't seem to be a generally accepted strategy.

You will have been given plenty of advice on tilt by now, in some cases it may have worked but it's likely the benefits have only been short term. Maybe they worked for a while but all of a sudden the problem came back, maybe worse than before. Because it worked one day, then not the other, tilt feels very mysterious and unsolvable, which in turn makes it even more frustrating and can actually make you tilt worse as a result.

Conventional poker psychology wisdom has been too generic and narrow in its approach to dealing with tilt. The advice we give in “The Mental Game of Poker” completely redefines tilt and how to deal with it. Although resolving tilt issues requires a great deal of in-depth consideration, believe it or not, tilt can nonetheless be resolved in a strategic manner. I will detail this much more in the coming weeks, but first of all let us look at why your previous attempts to curb tilt have failed.


That's not the entire article...

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Comments (15)

#1 pavels4444, 27 May 11 13:15

nice article

#2 mart191, 27 May 11 14:17

idd realy nice

#3 blackops888, 27 May 11 15:38

Looking forwards to the next one! Great job.

#4 biogas, 27 May 11 20:10

I get inpression this article is like a commercial to his book. Not the very best start at pokerstrategy...

#5 nowandthen12, 27 May 11 20:10

WOW, this article describes me to the tee, when im on tilt/tilting. TYVM and looking forward to the next one. :)

#6 luizsilveira, 27 May 11 20:28

Ok, but felt more like a teaser and not a real article...

#7 dallievas, 27 May 11 21:11

nice article but very small peek in the problem.

#8 i5bet72o, 28 May 11 06:01

agreed felt alot like a teaser

#9 BarryCarter, 28 May 11 07:23

Hey guys, Barry the co-author here.

Thank you for your comments, you can rest assured we will be tailoring our content to what you ask for in the future.

This is indeed a small peek into the problem, for a number of reasons:

1) The article itself is currently supposed to be part 1 of 3.
2) The subject of tilt is not something that can ever be solved in 1 or article, or 3 articles for that matter. The tilt section in our book is 100+ pages and we could have done a lot more. The aim here was not to try and solve tilt, it was to introduce a new way of thinking about it.
3) Our approach to tilt is dramatically different to all the others out there, in our opinion it takes some time just to get your head around that.This was as much an introduction to who Jared is as anything else.
4) Yes, of course we have a commerical interest as we have a book and to copy & paste our entire tilt section would not be wise. However, our ethos is to lead our marketing with lots of content and feel that being generous with free content is the best way to make the book a success. You only need to check out Jared's personal website (www.jaredtendlerpoker.com) to see how much free resource he gives out.

Please keep all your comments coming, we really welcome them and want to shape future content accordingly.

Also, there was so much advanced material that did not make it into our book, which we have been thinking about using as content for the diamond members, so look out for that.

#10 fruktpuff, 28 May 11 08:40

Brilliant article, looking forward to the followups.

#11 Rap1d007, 28 May 11 09:11

What about Kindle version of your book??

#12 BarryCarter, 31 May 11 08:04

Hi Rap,

No immediate plans for a kindle version, however it will happen eventually. Cant give you any dates I am afraid. We self published this book so we are learning along the way.

#13 fatty87, 20 Aug 11 20:46

nice article

#14 S4cripant, 10 Jun 12 03:19

Enjoyed. I still tilt once in a while and will self analyze better from now on.

#9. Your marketing link to Jared's website is broken due to an extra parenthesis.

#15 justgeo, 13 Nov 12 12:09

I purchased the book and read it and then re-read it. I had no idea there were so many different types of tilt. I found I definitely suffered from entitlement tilt and used the tips given to set about fixing that leak. Since reading the book, I have to say that my game has shown a pretty dramatic improvement.
Usually, I read a poker book, then exchange it for another. The Mental Game of Poker is one book that wont leave my library.