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Exploits (4): Keeping ranges wide

Keeping ranges wide is an exploit with which you make a made hand look weak by checking or calling. As a result, weak hands remain in the calling and betting ranges of your opponent on the later streets. Thus, you keep his range wide. If the profit against these weaker hands is greater than the EV that you could have reached with a direct bet (or a raise) then you should strongly consider keeping your opponent's range wide in this way.

In this lesson you will get to know the two most frequent applications of this exploit:

  • You check the flop in order to keep your opponent's bluffing and calling ranges wide.
  • You bet/call with a strong hand instead of raising in order to keep your opponent's betting ranges wide.

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#1 Liliya, 07 Feb 14 12:45

Hi All

Please enjoy the forth article in the Exploits Series of Lessons - Keeping ranges wide

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#2 hassux, 25 Jan 16 21:16

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