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Game Plan (2): Range Protection

Before this lesson, you should have already read:

Your pre-flop ranges are the foundation for your basis game plan. When setting up your pre-flop ranges, you will notice that your ranges influence one another.

If confronted pre-flop with an open raise, a 3-bet or a 4-bet, you often have a calling and a reraising range. Your calling range often includes your medium strong hands like AJs, 99 or KQ. If your range consists of only these types of hands, it can lead to the following problems:

  • Your range misses on specific board textures
  • On average the top of your range will be weaker, you won't be able to value bet as profitably and to integrate raising ranges into your game plan
  • Often you won't have a value range which means you can hardly bluff with your bottom range

However, if you always play your premium hands passively pre-flop in order to avoid this problem, you will be losing value and won’t be able to bluff pre-flop as well as you would like to.

Instead, you should split certain combinations of hands of your premium hands into calling and raising ranges. This is called range protection.

Range protection is the passive play of certain hand combinations of your premium hands in order to avoid capped ranges.

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