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Value to Bluff Ratio

In this lesson, you will get to know an application that combines the concepts of hand combinations and the funnel principle: the Value to Bluff Ratio. This tells you the ratio of value hands to bluff hands in your opponent's range. It helps you to decide whether you should call or fold.

The calculation of the Value to Bluff Ratio

In order to calculate the Value to Bluff Ratio (from here on VB-Ratio), you have to divide your opponent's betting range into a value range and a bluff range.

  • The Value Range consists of hands that your opponent bets with and gets called with by worse hands.
  • The Bluff Range consists of hands your opponent bets in order to get you to fold a better hand.

You determine the number of combinations in both ranges and then divide the number of value hands by the number of bluff hands.

VB-Ratio = #value hands / #bluff hands

For example, if your opponent value bets #60 (60 combinations) and bluffs with #30, then the VB-Ratio is 60/30, which gives 2:1. Your opponent therefore has two value hands for every bluff. Or put differently, he value bets twice as often as he bluffs.

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Please enjoy the sixth article in our Hand Reading series of No Limit Hold'em lessons - Value To Bluff Ratio

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