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Omaha vs Hold'em


This article explains the differences in:

  • Variance
  • Play
  • Winrate
between Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold'em

The goal of every poker player should be to become a good all-round player, to master every form of the game, and many of you are probably already accomplished and experienced fixed limit or no limit hold'em players.

Learning a new variant is not easy. It is a total change of environment. However, one shouldn't feel intimidated because of Omaha seeming complicated at first glance. Once you have understood the game and strategy, it is a pretty simple and very profitable game.

In addition to that, it will take you one step further to being an excellent all-round player, which can come in handy in future situations. Indeed, when one has mastered more than one poker variant, it is much easier to find good tables, since one is not restricted to one game any more. This increased flexibility can increase your win rate by a lot.

Rules and play

The fundamental difference between Omaha and Texas Hold'em is that one is dealt 4 pocket cards rather than 2, and that exactly two of these cards must be used in combination with three cards of the board to form a hand (The complete rules can be found in the article "Pot Limit Omaha Rules"). Omaha high is mostly played in Pot-Limit format (short. PLO), while Texas Hold'em is generally played in Fixed Limit or No-Limit.

That's not the entire article...

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Good one, not great though

#4 NightShadePMC, 20 Jan 13 18:08

10BB/100 as in big blinds,or big bets?

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#4 that also confuses me

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Probably blinds, I believe bets are used at fixed limit games. Or I'm wrong?