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StrategySit & Go

SNG lesson overview

The seven steps

Being a profitable Sit & Go player requires a full and complete understanding of various concepts. With Poker School 2.0 you have the opportunity to acquire comprehensive knowledge that, instead of giving you predetermined answers, teaches you how to approach problems and solve them on your own.

Below is our list of all new SNG lessons. Enjoy our new content and find out what you can expect in the near future!

1. Stack value

The "chip value" module will teach you how to evaluate your chips and, as a result, how to evaluate your decisions.

2. & 3. Preflop

Due to relatively shallow stack sizes, your preflop game is the most important aspect of SNGs. In these modules you will learn the theory behind the preflop game and the corresponding, practical charts.

4. Postflop

In the early stages of SNGs you will often find yourself in postflop situations. In this module you will learn how to approach such spots and how to exploit your opponents.

5. The bubble

It is often argued that the bubble is where the money is earned. In this module you'll learn what it takes to beat this crucial stage of every SNG.

6. Future game

There are spots in which you need to make a move that seems to be unprofitable. In the "future game" module you will learn how to recognise and take advantage of such spots.

7. Expert game (coming soon)

The longer you play, the more differences you will see between advanced and expert players. In the "Expert" modules you will learn about details that can make these differences.

Expert Module

Advanced odds in SNGs
Advanced ICM
Nashranges for push-or-fold play
Creating an exploitive gameplan
Preventing re-exploitation


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