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No Limit Beginners Learning Path

As a newcomer your main aim is to quickly learn the basics of poker and get started with a simple yet profitable strategy.

Our Beginners Learning Path provides you with a simple way to play successful poker. You get a ready-made and profitable strategy with simple rules and practices. It's often easier for beginners to get started in the world of online poker world with clear instructions and then gather their first experiences in addressing the theoretcial basics.

Lesson 1: The Basics

Strategy articles provide you with the theoretical background of poker strategy and give you a comfortable way to learn poker in simple steps. We also provide you with most topics in video form (just click the video symbol):

•  What is Big Stack Strategy?
•  How do You Play before the Flop?
  How do You Play after the Flop?
•  Video: Crushing NL 50
  Beginners Quiz (1): No Limit Full Ring

As well as knowing which first steps you should take in poker, you should also know which content at PokerStrategy.com can help you becom a better poker player. Make use of our offers and take your game to the next level. After you've become familiar with our Beginners content, you'll be ready for the next level.

7 Tips on How to Become a Successful No Limit Player


Lesson 2: The Mathematics of Poker

Mathematics is an underlying element of a successful poker game. In these articles, you can learn how to better plan your game and play profitably. What role does theory play and how do you use it correctly?

•  Mathematics of Poker - Odds and Outs
•  Mathematics of Poker - Implied Pot Odds
•  Putting theory into practice


Lesson 3: The Game after the Flop

Poker isn't just played preflop: a hand's profits and losses are decided after the flop. One more reason to improve your postflop game. The following articles may help here, they deal with different situations after the flop.

Afterwards, test your knowledge in the corresponding quiz!

•  After the Flop - You Have Initiative 
•  Quiz: After the Flop - You Have Initiative

•  After the Flop - An Opponent Has Initiative
•  Quiz: After the Flop - An Opponent Has Initiative

•  After the Flop - Nobody Has Initiative
•  Quiz: After the Flop - Nobody Has Initiative


Lesson 4: Know Your Opponent

In poker, you come across a variety of people, however, certain opponents can be placed into categories. Learn how to better assess your opponent. The following articles may help:

•  The 8 player types and how you can get their money

Now you can put your opponents into categories. The following articles show you how you can extract benefit:

• Crushing NL50 (4) - Opponent Specific Play
Crushing NL50 (5) - Opponent Specific Play II


Lesson 5: Final Quiz

You've worked your way through the Learning Path, but have you really taken everything on board? Test your knowledge now in the quiz and assess the different spots!

•  Graduation quiz coming soon!


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Graduation quiz coming soon!

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